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A Word from Jesus to Those Who Will Be Left Behind

Jesus began to speak about the left behind, addressing those whom He has appointed to be group leaders during the Tribulation: “Place no confidence in the flesh. Do not imagine for one moment that you can provide or take care of yourself without My intervention or, more properly, without My complete control. When you place confidence in your own flesh: your ability to defend yourself, your ability to provide for yourself, you set yourself up for failure. There are those who are going to walk into the Tribulation with empty pockets and not a place to go, no food, no preparation at all. And yet they will be fully provided for every step of the way.

“The focus must be on charity and virtue, trust and faith in My ability to provide. Without these pivotal attitudes, they will not succeed. My protection can make you invisible. My protection can turn wild beasts away. My protection can save you from the ground giving way beneath you. My protection can provide water and food when there is none. I can do all things, and I will, for those whose agenda is to gather in souls to the Kingdom. Those who give and lead unselfishly, those who are honest and caring for others; these are the ones I will supernaturally protect and provide for.

“When a soul puts all their confidence in Me, I am free to provide everything they need. Rather than providing and surviving, be about My business and all these things will be added unto you. Your insecurity and panic do nothing but give the devils permission to sift you, wear you out, and cause you to move prematurely right into the enemies’ waiting arms. But with your focus on bringing souls to Me, I am free to provide all you need. My faithfulness is your rear guard and covering. It is a lack of knowledge of Me that causes others to dive in and apply themselves to providing for their own needs. When you know Me, you know I have already provided a way out, complete with food, medicine and cover that will make you invisible to the enemy.

“Many I will add to your numbers who need salvation. Their eternity is hanging in the balance and if you make their eternity your priority, I will cover you. Souls are going to be racked with confusion and fear, not knowing up from down, so severe will the trials be on the Earth. They will be so thoroughly disoriented that nothing can calm them down but a supernatural grace, a healing grace. Lay hands on them and pray for My Peace to descend upon them.

Some will have a ministry of healing

“And for you who are called to heal, I live inside of you. Place your hand on the injured or suffering and imagine My hand moving from your heart, out through your hand and onto the soul. I will do the rest. All you have to believe is that I AM and I LIVE IN YOU. This is all that is required for a complete healing of even the most dramatic sicknesses.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit will be absolutely essential

“Do be baptised in the Holy Spirit. Do pray in tongues. Do sing over people in tongues – you are speaking MY language and I am praying through you the perfect prayer.

“Do not allow anyone to discourage you from speaking in tongues — the devils will use self-conscious, insecure and poorly informed souls to try and stop you from using this powerful gift. Don’t let them. Now more than ever you need to pray in tongues. I will for some of you give the interpretation while you are praying, which will inform you of what your true opposition is, be it man, beast — or even your own self.

“More than life itself, you need quality prayer time with Me.”

“There will be a great need for supernatural wisdom; so many different opponents will be coming against you. I will warn you of them if you make prayer your absolute priority. More than life itself, you need quality prayer time with Me. No one in your group can go without prayer. The ones who will not pray will be the weak links in your chain. They will betray you and make poor choices under pressure. Better that everyone stay in prayer and allow those who will not pray to go elsewhere — that is, once you have done everything in your power to bring them to Me, and still they will not acknowledge or choose to live by My standards. Let them go; they will only bring trouble upon the other members of your group.

“Towards the end, when things get the most chaotic, you will need to cleave to Me with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding or devices. I will inspire you with the proper steps to take. Even in your dreams I will come to you and instruct you. Understand that the closer you draw to the end of events, the more chaotic it will become and the shorter the time before your deliverance. Pray for strength, courage, wisdom, compassion and peace. It is by your faith that you will be saved, the flesh avails nothing. Everything depends upon faith and trust in Me alone.

“You will witness people breaking down completely and unable to cope any longer. They will retire inside of themselves where they feel safe. All you can do for these is pray and be compassionate. My grace will carry them. They will be among you as the sick and disabled. Do all in your power to tend to them, do not grow impatient with them or cast them away – they may be your saving grace. Because you took care of them, I will take care of you.

“However, If you must leave someone behind, give them a portion of food and water, pray for them that I will take over their care and commend them into My Merciful hands. Do not walk about in guilt — you did all you could and now it’s My turn. You will be tried to your uttermost limits; and when you reach those limits turn to Me and say, ‘Lord, take over for me, I am at my end.’ And I will give you the strength to carry on. Remember that My power is made perfect in your weakness. This is My chance to show you just how much you mean to Me and who I truly am in you.

“I bless you now with the peace that passes all understanding, courage and endurance. Run the race to the finish line.”

Note from So Greatly Loved

This message from Jesus was given to Clare du Bois and I share it with her permission.

Some mature Christians already know that they are called to stay behind to serve as group leaders during the Tribulation. It will be the adventure of their lives!

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Removing the Last Stains from Our Wedding Gowns

Jesus says what Love is, and what it is not:

“Love works in many different ways that many do not realise. It is an act of love and an act of mercy to pardon someone when they’ve said something to hurt you. To take up a reproach to them is not love — to overlook their fault, that is love. To correct someone when it really isn’t necessary is not love either. To find fault with others is not love. To degrade or humiliate others is not love. Love overlooks the shortcomings of others because she knows she has even worse faults that others overlook in her. Love sympathises with the downtrodden, not adding more accusations against them. Love does not point the finger when someone falls.

“My Brides, if you secretly rejoice when someone has fallen, you have not love. I know you try to control yourself outwardly, but inwardly you are rejoicing that fate finally caught up with someone who has been a thorn in your side for a long time. If you would be perfect, if you would be a suitable spouse for Me, your hearts must be conformed to Mine. You must grieve when I grieve, and love when I love. There is no greater sign of your love for Me than the way you respond to your brother or sister when they are in trouble.

“That will accomplish two things closely related: charity and humility. Continue to look at the good in others and the shortcomings in yourself. When you discipline your mind to take this approach, you draw near to the Kingdom of Heaven. And conversely, when you dote on their faults and your virtues, the kingdom of darkness draws nigh unto you. These are Satan’s thoughts. When you think that way, you think as he does. That should be enough right there to frighten you away from this kind of conduct. Wickedness draws in and entertains wickedness. Virtue attracts virtue.

“My Children, when you are taken up with the faults and shortcomings of others, you are inviting a serious fall. You are also causing Me to withdraw a distance from you and oppose you even in your ‘holy’ undertakings. For truly, how holy is an undertaking when underneath the surface you are seething with jealousy and fault‐finding and even spreading it to others? Do you think anything you undertake with that heart is pleasing to Me?

“But even a little one, very little, meek and honouring others, even the little that these do is pleasing to Me because the motive is love. If love is not the motive, whatever you undertake will burn in the purifying fires. It matters not how astute, educated, well researched, and presented ­— if it isn’t done with love as the primary motive, it will burn in the fire.

We will have some big surprises in Heaven…

“That is why so many who have gone to Heaven have discovered a housewife sitting on a throne, while the famous evangelists are walking in the outer courts or even outer reaches of Heaven without a reward. Her only motive in what she was doing was love for Me and for her brother. Whereas that famous one’s motive was pride, influence, fame and vying to correct others. These habits are abhorrent to Me and the saints in Heaven. So it matters not how sublime their discoveries, if the vessel is corrupt it will not be counted to them as righteousness. It is so much better for you to know these things now than to find out in that final hour. For if you repent, your sin will be washed away, never to be found.

“The more I lavish on a soul, the littler they should become.”

“So much is lacking in understanding of how Heaven judges the things of men. Rivalry and competition have no place in Heaven. I’m looking to crown the souls of those who truly see themselves as less than their brother — souls that are always taking the seat furthest back, souls that make others look good while they themselves step back into the shadows. Rivalry is detestable. The more I lavish on a soul, the littler they should become, otherwise I cannot trust them with more.

“That is what your journey on this Earth has been all about. These are the finishing touches, the final tests of how truly you love Me, how ingrained with Me your thinking is: how perfectly you love others, that you never want to see them downgraded, but always to see them advanced and that you find your joy in their advancement while you remain on the same level.

“No one has more worth than the Blood I shed on the Cross.”

“These are hard tests, but very necessary. But all must pass them if they would overcome their flesh. Just remember, this is not about downgrading you and exalting others, for no one has more worth than the Blood I shed on the Cross. That is your net worth, if you want to judge as the world judges. Not one of you is loved more than another. I love each of you and see you fulfilled becoming who I created you to be. Yes, I get more pleasure from seeing a soul who is victorious in their life, but I don’t love them any more for it. I love the failures just as much. It saddens Me to see the foolish course they have chosen for their lives. It truly grieves me.

“So, all I am saying to you, My Brides, is look deeper; look in My mirror, seek approval from Me alone. Do not turn and compare yourselves to others, this is Satan’s tactic to turn you from the path of virtue. Instead, allow Holy Spirit to reveal these diseased places in your souls and allow Me to heal you with My love.

“Take this to heart now, My Loves, take it to heart and turn over a new leaf. I am taking you to Heaven soon and these are some of the very last stains on your gowns.

“I love you, I will work with you and for you. Rely on Me to help you, do not attempt to do this on your own. I am in this moment imparting to each of you the grace to stand before Me. Work with it.”

Note from So Greatly Loved

This timely, challenging message was given by Jesus to Clare du Bois in order to help His Brides to be ready for His soon return. I share this with Clare’s permission.

Let us lean in to our Beloved Bridegroom, doing our utmost to remove the last stains from our wedding gowns. May we be Brides who are ready, having our lamps filled with oil, and working hard on our assignments as we watch in keen anticipation for Jesus’ coming in glory to take us Home.

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Supernatural Provision and Protection in the Tribulation

Jesus’ coming in glory at the Rapture is ONLY for those of His children who are living for HIM, rather than for themselves, and who are therefore beginning to resemble their Lord. These will be caught up to Heaven.

Jesus warns, “Not realising what is coming, people are still planning as if life will go on forever just the way it is now. And yet I will provide [ie. for those who will go through the traumatic Tribulation] safe havens in the deserted areas, places with abundant water, natural caverns and sufficient food. Just as the angels provided manna in the desert, so will I release to all sufficient sustenance. Many stores of food will never run out. Medical supplies and healing will also be sustained supernaturally by Me. Many will come into a full-time healing ministry, tending to the sick and infirm, strengthening and giving comfort to those who have collapsed in fear, those on the edge of death, even some to be brought into the Kingdom in the last moments of their lives.

Further encouragement from the Lord

“I have some wonderful things planned for this horrendous time. Many a wall will come crashing down upon the enemy because of prayer. I will supernaturally and literally move Heaven and Earth to protect the holy ones. Some will be martyred, some will survive but all will be provided for, I will not abandon them to the will of their enemies. Yes, unsurpassed suffering will be witnessed but also unsurpassed glory and the triumph of faith. There will be many sent from Heaven as visitations to encourage and provide. My angels will be most solicitous for the welfare of the remnant I am shielding from the full force of My wrath.

Jesus will teach His children to pray powerfully during the Tribulation

“Prayer will be your greatest weapon and I will teach you how to pray — it will flow from within you without any effort, so strong will My grace be among you. Prayer will well up from inside and overtake you in moments of fear and danger, and you will be kept safely hidden as well as have My Peace.

“Many will betray each other and only discernment by My Holy Spirit will alert you to who cannot be trusted. If you judge by outward standards, what is said, what they look like, how they act, if you judge by normal human standards you will be fooled. You must rely on Me to detect weak souls or those sent to find you out.

Mature Christians, called to stay behind to help, will be group leaders throughout the seven years

“Just as in days gone by, when I supernaturally protected My people, so shall I protect those who must stay behind. There will be one among them who will be designated the leader, and to him or her, I will give supernatural knowledge and wisdom. Protect this one who is critical to your mission. Let not the devils cause division, misunderstanding, murmuring and jealousy. Be on your guard against these poisons they will use to divide and scatter you all. Together you will survive; separated you will face many dangers without anyone to hold you up. Do not let them divide and conquer. Be smarter than the enemy, walk in charity and humility and you will have no problems. Walk in self will, selfishness, suspicion, and rancour, it will be your demise. There will be many testings among the groups, many testings: painful decisions to make; life or death decisions to make. I will give you peace when the decisions are the hardest.

Use the Name of Jesus as a weapon of war

“Pray always, worship and thank Me for every safe moment of your journey, for every provision, for every time you evade the enemy. Use My Name as a weapon of war for “you fight not against flesh and blood but principalities in high places and against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” [see Ephesians 6: 12]

Don’t be fearful; cling to Jesus’ instructions

“Now I want you all to remember how easy it is to fall into unbelief, to mistrust, to suspect, to be fearful. These are the weapons the enemy will use against you; forewarned is forearmed. Now My precious ones, cling to My instructions for in them lies life or death. Be not afraid of what man does to your body, only your eternal soul. Do not compromise for the sake of your body, your children, your wife, or for any reason at all. I will be with you to deliver you from evil. Pray “Deliver us from evil” frequently; it is a powerful prayer.

“I bless you My Brides. Be sure to save and leave these instructions behind for others to find. Have courage and keep your eyes on Eternity.”

Note from so greatly Loved

It is unkind, to say the least, not to warn our loved ones about what is soon to come. We should leave a loving letter in a prominent place where they will find it, together with copies of some of these warning messages from Jesus, a Bible and other helpful Christian books. In our letter we should explain clearly what to do if they find themselves left behind.

At all costs, we must warn them NOT to sign up at the government feeding stations for free food and medication because these are a trap of the enemy where the Mark that will send them to Hell will be enforced.

Jesus has promised to provide every single thing those who cry out to Him for help will need during the Tribulation. He will ensure provision of food and other necessities, and will protect them in the seven years of terror. There will be healing for those who are sick, and the Lord will continually watch over His own.

In our ‘Left behind’ letter we need to make clear to our loved ones that the ONLY way to stay safe throughout the Tribulation, and eventually make it to Heaven, is to cry out to Jesus to save them at the very beginning of the Tribulation before free government aid is set up. Jesus will then protect them and provide everything they could possibly need. Encourage them to ask the Holy Spirit to guide them.

The vital warning message above was given by Jesus to Clare du Bois. For further information about the ministry go to the website where you will be able to read and listen to many other important, helpful end times messages, plus much more.

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Evading Capture When the Tribulation Begins

Those who are not living for Jesus, but rather for themselves, will not be taken to Heaven at the Rapture.

Jesus gives us vital information: “Their eternal destiny will be Hell unless, at the very beginning of the Tribulation, they cry out to God for mercy and ask Jesus to save them. Under NO circumstances must anyone go for free food and medication to the government feeding stations. They will be run by the AntiChrist system and those who register there will inevitably end up in Hell.

“The only way to escape at this point is to rely totally on Me for healing and food.”

“They are relying on people’s vulnerabilities for them to come forward for aid. Those who have no need for that will more easily escape being brought in captive. In fact, in many places that are feeding stations, people will be detained and placed in holding facilities. At first, this will look like benevolence on the part of the government, when in fact it is merely a way to dispose of them. Do not, under any circumstances, go forward for aid.

“I am forewarning you who will listen. I am telling what is planned for those who find themselves left behind. The only way to escape at this point is to rely totally on Me for healing and food. There will be times when I will miraculously intervene and provide food when there is no hope for food.”

And at this point, as the Lord was talking to Clare, she saw something like a Red Cross vehicle taking people to a Triage or hospital unit which was behind barbed wire. The people thought they were getting medical treatment, but they will actually be incarcerated until their fate is decided.

“The most opportune time to escape government control is IMMEDIATELY after the disasters.”

Jesus continued, “The most opportune time to escape government control will be immediately after the disasters, because many will be presumed to be dead. That will be before organisation sets in, although that will happen very quickly as food, water and medical necessities will be offered through their agency and they will take down names and numbers for future reference. In this way, they can catalogue very quickly who is still living. By offering necessities. Those who do not come forth, they will assume have been killed.”

Healing during the Tribulation

“Remember always, only two things are needed for a healing: a sick patient and a believing Christian. When that Christian calls upon Me to heal, whether it be out loud or quietly from the heart, I will reach through them and heal those who are sick. Nothing more is needed. Healing has become some sort of Miracle Cult, where people with the ‘gift’ are worshipped rather than what it truly is, the natural consequence of Me living inside of you and every other believer who has opened the door of their hearts to Me.”

People will betray one another

“A word to the wise: children will betray parents, parents will betray children. You cannot rely on blood ties; human nature will fail you. There will be so much fear and betrayal that no one can be trusted unless I personally impart the witness to you: they are for real. As was done in one country: men with machine guns crashed through a church service and declared, “All of you who are Christians, line up against that wall. The rest of you are free to go.” More than half the congregation left. Then the men put their guns down and said, “Good, now let’s have church!”

Some will face martyrdom

As the Lord was speaking, Clare saw barbed wire fences enclosing mega-church parking lots, but the wire was on the inside and it was obvious that those inside were captive.

Jesus continued, “My people, even if they should bring you before the executioner for your faith in Me, be not afraid. In seconds, I will embrace you for eternity. Mercy will surround and anaesthetise you in those last moments. Supernatural peace will also engulf you as you are led forth to execution. I know it is hard for you to accept now, and even some of you tremble in fear, but I tell you the truth: it will be much harder for those who must live hidden lives, than for those who come to Me early for their faith. In any case, I will be at your right hand and waiting for you to join Me in Eternity, where I have Joy Eternal planned for you, and you will forever be joined to Me.”

This IS Satan’s greatest lie. Time is running out!!

Note from So Greatly Loved

Jesus speaks frequently to Clare du Bois, giving her highly relevant teachings which she shares with HeartDwellers on her Vimeo channel ‘Still Small Voice.’ Clare has kindly given her permission for these teachings to be shared. I, personally, have been enormously blessed by this powerful ministry since 2015.

For more information search heartdwellers.org

Keep Oil in Your Lamps

Clare said, “For all these years that the Rapture has been delayed, many things have come into place and ripened to the point of bursting: Jerusalem is surrounded by her enemies, the AntiChrist is a prominent figure in the world, and people in America have been brainwashed and prepared to accept all the lies the media is groomed to feed them. As a result, America is a divided nation.

“Only the Father knows why things must happen at a certain time. In the meantime, Jesus gives us assignments and work to complete, but even He knows that the completion of those tasks on this earth is conditional according to the Father’s will and timing.”

The utmost importance of repentance

Jesus replied, “Repentance is of the utmost importance right now. Some who have not repented will be left behind. My children, I encourage you to do a life review and confess all the sins of your youth and growing up even to this present day. If an action comes to mind, repent of it. Even thoughts are serious offences and must be repented of. I want My Bride to be clean when I come and for most of you that means a serious review of your life and acknowledgment of your sins, and deep repentance.”

“Understand that your thought life has the potential to condemn you to Hell. You may not have done it but if you cherished the grudge and wished ill on your neighbor, you have committed a serious sin. Unforgiveness will tether you to this earth just as securely as an abortion that you never repented of. This is no time to fool around, I need you to take Me very seriously. Make peace with any you have offended. Forgive everyone and receive their forgiveness. Pray and ask Me to heal those you have wounded in your life.

Jesus said, “My greatest wish is for your complete repentance so I may take you.”

“Pray for those who will be left behind. Write love letters to your relatives, do what you can to ease the pain of sudden separation that so many all over the world will suffer. Offer them hope and warn them sternly not to take the Mark. The day of the Rapture, they saw Scripture fulfilled.

“Warn them that the depths of physical suffering that will come on the heels of that, after a period of so-called prosperity and security, then they will throw a switch that will make you suffer like you never believed possible, and on top of that, you will wish for death but it will escape you. This tool of Satan’s will cause you to curse Me and die unrepentant. So I am warning you again, cry out for mercy and remember those who take the Mark will suffer for eternity. Better you should die quickly and be in Heaven with Me for eternity than prosper for a few short months and then die in torment and end in Hell as well. I am with you in all of this, I love you dearly and My greatest wish is for your complete repentance so I may take you.

“Please ask the Holy Spirit to show you the areas you need to repent of and I will forgive you and your wedding dress will be clean without spot, wrinkle or blemish.”

Note from So Greatly Loved

Sitting quietly with Jesus doing a life review is proving to be both painful and liberating for me. He has taken me back to my early childhood. So many memories are quickly surfacing, but plentiful grace is being given to see myself in His mirror and repent from my heart. How good the Lord is to warn us that without heartfelt repentance we will be left behind.

Jesus longs to take all who belong to Him to Heaven in the Rapture. He grieves deeply over those He will have to leave behind to endure the trauma of the seven Tribulation years before finally going to Heaven.

Please leave letters for your loved ones, helping them to understand the pain of separation. Above all warn them firmly under NO circumstances to take the Mark or they will spend eternity in the fires of Hell.

This is a recent message given by Jesus to Clare du Bois and shared with her permission.

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“Behold!!! I Come Quickly”

Jesus said [to those who are getting ready for His coming in the Rapture] “You haven’t long to wait dear ones, the time approaches. It is coming quickly.

“But more than anything, I want you all to know that I have seen your struggles and have thanked My Father in Heaven profusely for you and the way you have struggled even when you were surrounded by darkness, confusion, betrayal and sorrow. I have thanked Him for all the ways you have done what was right when you wanted to run the other way and do what was wrong. You persevered and in Heaven that is one of the greatest virtues of all.

“Do what you can while you are still here. I will be with you in everything and in the end, you will be quite shocked at all you did accomplish with My grace. From Heaven you will see clearly the lineup of opposition you faced at critical times in your lives. You will see the fruit you bore and the consequences of all your ploughing, sowing and watering.

“What I want to get across to all of you, is that you have done much better than you feel you have done, and there will be a great day of rejoicing and reward. This will be a jubilee day of great forgiveness. In Heaven you will be equipped with all the graces you have ever longed for, and you will not have any opposition from the enemy. Then in that moment, when you realise there is no longer crushing opposition, the kind you have grown accustomed to walking in day after day after day, in that moment you will have had a glimpse into what you overcame on this earth, and that will bring you boundless joy.

“Come now My Bride, I am in the waiting room, ready to take you to Myself. Put away your tears after truly examining your conscience, put away your regrets, your sorrows and prepare your hearts for joy so abundant that your very heart will have to expand to hold it all in. Rejoice! Your time of liberation is at hand!”

“My beloved ones, there are those among you who have truly given their all in as much as My grace accompanied you. There are others who wanted to, but never quite could. But I say to you, the time of forgiveness is upon you. I see your weaknesses and how you have caved under the pressure of your flesh and the demons behind it. Many, many, many of you have suffered incredible setbacks, but you’ve rallied, always believing in Me and what I have promised you. That alone is worth all the joys of Heaven to Me.

“Ask forgiveness, and it shall be yours”

“But even if you fall into the category of those who caved into their flesh in moments of extreme weakness, you do not see the tremendous pressures you have been under from the enemy. So, I want you to stop, right now, stop condemning yourselves. Repentance is appropriate for those lapses, so stir your hearts, recall your unconfessed sins, the times you didn’t do the right thing, the times you caved under the demands of the flesh and the enemy. Get it out of your system. Come to Me and tell Me, ask forgiveness, and it shall be yours. But when you come bring the whole truth and leave out nothing that comes to mind. Let Me wash you clean as snow with My very own Blood and put these things out of your minds.

“Be prepared, be prepared, PLEASE be prepared.”

“When you have done that, make a firm purpose of amendment to stop repeating those sins and keep yourselves very, very clean. For I come. Do everything in your reach to love and serve others. Keep the oil burning in your lamps, the oil of love for Me and for your brother and sister. Take every opportunity to deny yourself for the sake of others, because you are entering the home stretch. Any minute now, I will come for you. Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared, PLEASE be prepared. Do not allow any occasion of charity and self-sacrifice to pass you by. Use every opportunity, every moment to give of yourself. Consider Me in all of your actions and forget about yourself.

“Now I want you to know that I recognise the great weariness you are labouring under. Yes, I do and I understand, but I am still here for you with My strength to help you in moments of weakness, so grab a firm hold on My hand and don’t let go. Don’t let go, not even for a second; hold firmly to My hand and My ways. If you should fail in a moment of weakness, confess it immediately and I will forgive you and renew you with new resolve.

“You haven’t long to wait dear ones, the time approaches. It is coming quickly.”

Note from So Greatly Loved

In view of how close we now are to the Rapture, the Lord told me to post on our urgent need of making sure we are ready for His coming. There are several recent messages on how to be ready for Jesus when He comes. Vital warnings have also been given about the dangers we absolutely must avoid at the onset of the Tribulation if we find ourselves left behind to endure those seven horrific years.

This message was very recently given by Jesus to Clare du Bois, and is shared with her permission.

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A Truly Extraordinary Experience

What an awesome adventure it is to love and encourage my little group of traumatised, trafficked children and adolescents day by day… Jesus Himself joins me and He speaks to them too!

How I began

When I heard about the plight of these innocent children and adolescents [see below] I longed to do whatever I could to help them. I wrote to a good friend to learn more about it as I hadn’t a clue how to get started. After all, how do you start speaking to someone you cannot see, have no idea who they are, or even which country they are living in?

My friend replied, “Your heart is for the children, just ask the Lord, ‘Send them to me Lord, I will comfort them.’ That’s all it takes. Be very still, quiet and calm and listen, look, expecting to see or hear something. Do not write it off to imagination when you see or hear something, take it as the real deal.”


It was a huge leap of faith for me. I took a deep breath one day and said, “Hello children, this is Auntie Pam!” To my delight a little voice answered!

📝 I hear the children clearly every day, but I have never seen them.

At first I talked very simply about Jesus and how much He loves them. I led the children to know Him as their Saviour, and assured them many other people are praying for them. I said I loved them very much and was praying for them, and would join them again the next day.

After I had been talking to these little ones a couple of days, the children said, “We’ve told Jesus about you!” It was such a natural thing for children to say, and I think it was from that point that I was no longer tempted to doubt whether this was really happening.

To minister in the spirit is out of this world!

Time with my little group early every morning now lasts at least half an hour. Jesus gives me great ideas. He prompted me to encourage the children to pray Psalm 91 every day so I asked if they had anything to write on; to my surprise they had. I slowly dictated Psalm 91, verse by verse, over the next couple of weeks, encouraging them to try to learn what they could.

Chatting to Jesus about the children later, I told Him I wondered if I was expecting too much of them. Jesus replied, “They are going to surprise you, Pam!” They did— and their astonishing achievement in memorising the whole Psalm in such trying circumstances helped to boost their very low self esteem.

Jesus asked me to branch out and teach the Beatitudes and His parables. We have now covered all the parables, and much more besides. Jesus joins me before I speak to the children, encouraging them by giving me a personal word to pass on to them from Him. He has a something to say to them most days. Before going on air, I ask Jesus, “Do You have anything to say to Our precious children today, Lord?” I scribble it down before joining them. They are so thrilled that Jesus has given a word just for them that they often want me to dictate His every word.

Jesus calls Our children “His little missionaries”

I asked my tiny group if they knew any children who didn’t yet belong to Jesus. They did, and knew straightaway what they should do. They were soon introducing a newly saved friend to me. Jesus calls them “His little missionaries.”

Before long Jesus led me to teach about Holy Spirit. The children struggled to get free in tongues at first. Remembering how I had eventually only broken free myself after a monumental struggle, I knew how best to help them. I told them I would say something in tongues, and asked them to join in, explaining that Holy Spirit wouldn’t let them make a mistake, but even He couldn’t give them their own prayer language until they opened their mouth! It worked beautifully!

The next development was that they were not only winning a soul to Jesus from time to time, but also praying for their new Christian friends to be baptised in Holy Spirit. At first they called me in to get their newly saved friends free in tongues… then they realised they didn’t need my help! I was simply thrilled!!

The adventure of singing in tongues 

Another joyous time was when the children learned what Holy Spirit does when they sing in tongues together! The way He blends their individual melodies into one glorious harmony was a wonderful surprise to them. These children are such a joy to teach. They are like little sponges, soaking up everything.

Jesus took Our children on a visit to Heaven!

One day Jesus took Our children on a surprise visit to Heaven. How lovely of Him to do that for them! What a beautiful blessing that was in view of the appalling conditions in which they are forced to live. They were so excited to tell me all about it the following day. A little later, Jesus wanted me to ask them to begin thinking about how they would like their homes in Heaven to be… What colours would they like in their homes? What kind of furniture, and would they like a pet each? Would they, like Auntie Pam, love to have a little stream running through their gardens?

On another occasion Jesus told me He had visited our tiny group in Person while I was talking to them. They actually saw Him among them. Wow!

A delightful new dimension

It was a wonderfully uplifting addition to our precious times together when Jesus suggested I could teach praise and worship songs, playing them for the children on my phone. First I taught them a couple of songs by Don Francisco, then several by John Michael Talbot. I am now sharing a beautiful children’s album.

I threw out a challenge one day on Don Francisco’s song “I will praise You, O Lord, with all my heart.” When they had mastered the words, I challenged them to find out how many times Don Francisco sings “Hosanna!” The next day they told me it was thirty times: they were spot on! They particularly enjoy dancing to that song. Jesus told me that in Heaven everyone loves to sing along with the children, and the Angels dance!

The much loved old favourite “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is understandably very meaningful to my little group. I had taught them on prayer, and on Forgiveness fairly near the beginning, making sure they had fully forgiven the unspeakably evil things being done to them repeatedly on a daily basis.

My group currently consists of eight children. I don’t ask them personal questions so I’ve no idea where they are living. They asked me how old I am. They seemed surprised. I don’t have any problem getting down to their level… when God calls us to do something for Him, He will always equip us.

Jesus joins in as I’m teaching the children

I shared with the children Jesus’ teaching in the house of Simon the Pharisee, “He who has been forgiven much loves much.” I read to them His parable of two men who had borrowed money: one 500 silver coins and the other 50 silver coins. When neither could repay their debt, The kindly creditor forgave them both. Jesus asked Simon, “which of them would love him the most?” The Pharisee replied, “The man who had been forgiven the most.”

At that point Jesus spoke to my little group: “Every time you have been abused by those evil men I want you to forgive them from your heartevery single time. Then pray for them to be saved. Say, “Jesus, I forgive them from my heart, and I ask You to forgive them, and to save them, please.” I will surely answer your prayer, My beloved little missionaries. And those cruel, evil men will eventually love Me very, very much because they will have been forgiven so much sin.

Astonishing growth in the Lord

I always ask what the children would like me to pray about with them. They have asked for help in learning Bible verses, and that they might meet another child to lead to Jesus. One day they told me that one of the group had hurt her foot and could hardly walk. I asked them to lay hands on her poorly foot and pray together in their prayer languages and I would be praying in tongues too. To our great joy Jesus healed the foot there and then!

On another occasion one of the group had a nasty cold and the others asked me to pray for her. The children laid hands on her and prayed in their prayer languages while I prayed in tongues at home. Almost as soon as we finished praying, the cold symptoms were almost gone. The faith of these delightful, outrageously exploited, innocent children is growing stronger week by week.

One day as I was asking what I could pray about for them, they asked, “May we pray for you, Auntie Pam?” I felt like crying, bearing in mind what horrific, excruciating suffering these brave little souls are subjected to day after day, after day.

It is humbling, and an indescribable privilege, to learn from these beautiful little ones. I had no preparation at all for this, apart from the encouragement to “take it as the real deal.” I did just that—and it was!

Jesus is calling for those with tender hearts who will help!

Jesus said, “I appeal to you now. Please work with Me to rescue, comfort, and heal these precious children and young adults who are daily victims of unbelievable terror and extreme pain; crying, begging, and pleading day and night for someone to PLEASE help them.”

Could Jesus be calling YOU to be a spiritual Uncle or Auntie? There’s so much any one of us can do. I didn’t have a clue where to begin, but Jesus said to me, “We’re doing this together; I will help you…” And He did!

Transcripts from Still Small Voice on Vimeo

Spiritually Adopt a Trafficked Child

Still Small Voice: Vimeo December 16, 2017

“I want you to spiritually adopt trafficked children,” Jesus began. “You are well aware of the horrible kidnapping, selling, and trafficking of poor innocent children throughout the world in many places. Not only are they taken from their parents and siblings, which in itself is terrorizing enough. But after being sold, they are beaten severely to make them submit, from the very first moment, to the unspeakable sexual abuse and painful violation of their tender little bodies.

“Sometimes as many as six different men, or even more, keep them for hours on end, burning, beating, and raping them. Some of them do not survive these long periods of torture and abuse. To keep down the screaming, these men will stuff socks and handkerchiefs into their mouths. Because many of the the children are already very weak and sick, they have difficulty breathing, and they can end up dying by suffocation.

“By the profound compassion and tenderness of My Father, We have seen their tears, and heard their desperate pleas. Therefore, We have made a provision to distract them away from being tortured, allowing them through souls who are praying for them to experience the tenderness of being loved and held securely. Contrary to what is happening to them, they find some comfort in this.

“Those with hearts to comfort these children have experienced this and now I am asking you to work with Me, and ‘spiritually adopt’ as many of these as you possibly can. If you will give me your permission, and your own free will, to take these and intentionally hold them, cover them, and carry them close within your heart. I will expand both your heart and soul to accommodate ALL that I bring to You, along with All the love and attention of an alert and devoted mother.

“Am I not your Faithful God? Do I say, and not carry out? I will be with them as the ‘dew-laden breeze’ in the fiery furnace. And many shall live, going out to proclaim My wonderful love and deliverance to the ends of the Earth! “I have decreed all of this,” says the Lord, “that the souls of many shall be saved!”

Difficult Days: Persevere

Still Small Voice: Vimeo January 22, 2018

Jesus began, “My dear ones, you cannot imagine the plight these children are in. Their minds are so warped and twisted by fear, they cannot reason enough to escape their situation. They have the threat of being killed held over their heads. In some cases, even their families are being threatened if they do not comply. It is a wicked, evil system Satan has given these men to control vulnerable souls, making them victims of the most deplorable exploitation ever known to mankind.

“Your prayers are making a difference. Your support is making a difference. And I want you to know that when you gasp with horror over what is being done, My Father in Heaven hears that as a prayer. Nothing you feel, see, or pray for is minimised; all of it bears fruit on some level. Do not grow weary in well doing.

“Many have expressed their desire to spiritually adopt these children. Simply ask Me and I will bring them to you in the spirit. Some of you may see them; others not. That is not important. What is important is that your heart is for them, you are praying and they are getting comfort and relief. The more you pray, the greater their chance of escaping from the clutches of those who have seared their consciences for a few dollars. No prayer goes unanswered. Every prayer is matched with graces—and some way beyond what you’ve invested in prayer… But remember, My dear ones, the more obedient and committed you are to Me, the greater the impact of your prayers.”

Through much prayer many criminals are being brought to Justice

This is a horrible crime, which is now rampant in the United States. But the greatest thing we can do is to pray for them, and to pray that this horrible, horrible industry will be completely squashed by law enforcement.

Note from So Greatly Loved

Ministering in the spirit to a little group of trafficked children is a truly extraordinary experience. It’s an awesome privilege that is rewarding beyond words. You are not expected to do all that I’ve been led to do. You may well have better ideas. Above everything else, these terrified little ones need to know the love of Jesus, and to be genuinely loved and prayed with by a caring Auntie or Uncle in the spirit.

If you love Jesus and want to do something for Him, sharing His love with petrified, disoriented children who don’t know who to turn to in their distress, would greatly please our Lord. Reaching out to them in love is HUGE with the Lord. Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 25: 40 “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25: 40, KJV

Are We Living In The Worst Time Ever?

If you look at the history of humanity, you see something remarkable. There were always those who tried to rule the whole world. For example, there were the great empires of the Romans, the British, the Mongols, and the Spaniards who believed they could submit all mankind to themselves.

Of all the empires, the Roman Empire is perhaps the most notorious. However, during the Roman Empire, something strange happened … something that can greatly encourage us today!  

But first of all we have to realize just what time that was…

Lusting for power, Julius Caesar conquered one country after another and massacred countless people in the most brutal ways. For entertainment, Romans had their circus where they watched people being torn alive by starving wildlife.  Can you imagine such horrors? Consider, in our time, going to a big arena every Saturday for fun, watching terrified people be torn to pieces by lions and bears. Isn’t that indescribably horrible?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they also had the gladiatorial fights. These men were forced to fight each other to death. The crowd roared with pleasure, watching one gladiator chop off another’s arm or plant his sword in his belly. Horrible. That was how the Romans had fun.

If someone had committed a crime, they knew how to deal with him: beat the man with whips with stones worked into them. These lashes literally ripped open the skin and flesh. Then they made this person drag a heavy wooden crossbar, which he had to carry on his torn back. Awful. Then came the culmination of the torture: the man was placed on a wooden cross, and thick nails were hammered through his wrists and feet.  Do we have any idea what horrible pain this caused?

Then they let that person hang on the cross, where he couldn’t breathe because he hung on his arms. To catch his breath, he had to press himself on his feet, which were pierced with thick nails. The pains these people endured are too much for words and comprehension. We simply cannot imagine that. But the Romans eagerly enjoyed it. They looked at it greedily. It was a lot of fun for them. The circus, crucifixions, public torture, gladiators who killed each other, waging war…

These Romans were the most civilized and highly developed people on the planet at the time. They were the pinnacle of civilization. No one was as literate and educated as they were. They paraded proudly through the beautifully tiled streets of the impressive Roman cities.  Majesty and glory shone all around them.  Their stylish robes draped gracefully over their shoulders. Everywhere beautiful statues of their war heroes and gods were displayed. No one was as sophisticated as the Romans. They invented the first paved streets, the first sewers, the first bathhouses and many other modern comforts. But they were bloodthirsty beasts, without mercy. They wanted to see blood. They wanted to hear screaming cries of terrified people. The moaning of the dying gladiators had to reverberate. The unbearable groans of those dying on the cross. Monsters without a heart or conscience.

Their ships were not powered by engines. Oh no. They did not know that. Their enormous ships were propelled by slaves, who were doomed to an inhuman existence in the dark and stinking galleys.

Hands and feet chained in steel chains. Whipping lashed their exhausted bodies, under the roar of the unscrupulous drivers. Many died during their unbearable existence and then the other slaves had to keep rowing, with a dead man next to them.

The highly civilized Roman Empire would show the rest of the barbarian world what civilization is. Because outside that highly developed empire was the wild. The real beasts lived there. The peoples who had no civilization whatsoever. They ate each other as if it were normal. They behaved like wild pigs and mad dogs. As horrific as the Roman Empire was, everything beyond it was much worse. People lived an average of forty years. No one was safe anywhere. Earth was hell.

The Roman Empire was not the only attempt by beastly people to submit the whole world to themselves. At some point a madman arose from almost every nation, pursuing the delusion of becoming the most powerful man on earth. Total control of the universe has always been the insane desire of derailed people.

However, in the midst of the horrific Roman Empire, something incredible happened. In the midst of a society without freedom, without human rights, without reliable justice, without good medical care, without looking after the poor, widows and orphans. In the midst of this totalitarian dictatorship of a bloodthirsty, power-hungry despot, a baby was born.

Everyone knew no better than that there was no hope for a better future. Rome’s corrupt, evil leaders succeeded one another, often killing each other. There was constant betrayal, and one emperor proved to be more monstrous than the other. Herod did not shy away from piercing thousands of newborn babies with swords in front of the desperately screaming mothers. Then there was Emperor Nero who set people on fire, like torches, to illuminate the city. 

Those were the leaders of the most civilized empire on earth. Can we imagine how indescribably horrible evil was back then? The time in which we now live is a dream paradise compared to the continuing horrors of the past.

In the midst of that extreme darkness, a baby was born. Without much fanfare, without a trumpet blast on the large market square, without parades through the paved roads. But with the exuberant cheers of the angels who secretly showed themselves to a bunch of meaningless, poor shepherds in the open field.

Amid a culture of corruption, insane lust for power, brutal bloodthirst, and unprecedented demonic magical cults … where anyone could become a slave and most people had no rights … a baby was born in that hell.

And … everything changed.

This baby grew up and started going around like a strange preacher. He said things no one had ever heard.  “The time has come!” He cried.  “The time has come!” “No more delay!” “Now it’s going to happen!” What was he talking about?  What did he announce?

“The kingdom of God is now coming to you. Repent and believe this great news! ”

Everywhere this strange preacher went, he did amazing miracles. No clever tricks or mass hypnosis, as the Roman and Jewish “miracle workers” and “prophets” did. This man did real miracles. Thousands of people followed him because he healed all the sick who were brought to him.  “This is proof of the new kingdom!” He exclaimed. “If I heal these people from their diseases and free them from the evil spirits, then the kingdom of God has come upon you!”

Nobody understood what he meant.  A kingdom? All they could imagine was what they knew: a military hero who slashed others to become their ‘leader.’ Violence and power.

“No, no, my kingdom is not like that!” Said this strange man. “My kingdom is completely different. I don’t use violence and I don’t seek power. It is about the government of God in your heart. That you learn to experience his love and thus become a child of God. It’s about learning to love and serve each other. Take care of the poor. Do not seek power for yourself. On the contrary, be the least and serve others. ”

He did something very bizarre to show what he meant. After walking all day in the dust of the filthy streets, where dogs, camels and goats pooped and pissed freely, this preacher bent down. He knelt in front of the people following him and started washing their stinky, sticky, dirty feet with his bare hands.  “This is what I mean!” He said.  “This is my kingdom!” Nobody understood. What was this guy talking about?

Several belligerent men joined him. They knew the promises of the holy scriptures.  A Messiah would come and he would deliver them from the oppression of the foreign peoples, the Romans. He would restore their land and make them the most powerful nation on earth. They wanted to be part of it! Preferably as early as possible so that they could secure a place as general or colonel.  “May my sons sit on your right and left once your kingdom begins?” asked a mother. She already imagined it: her two sons next to the great king who would rule all over the earth!  Ha!

This preacher did something no one expected. During an unshakable and indescribably powerful empire that controlled the whole world, sowing fear and terror everywhere, he announced a very different kingdom. An empire in which the leaders wash the dirty feet of the people. An empire in which no one wants to dominate and control another. An empire where the smallest are the greatest and the first the last. An empire that nobody can see with their eyes and that has no headquarters anywhere on earth. An empire without a palace, without weapons, and without violence.

Yet the prophet Daniel had long ago announced this realm. “This empire,” he said, “will crush all other kingdoms on Earth. It will start as a stone that comes off a mountain and rolls down. But that stone will eventually become a mountain itself that covers the whole earth.” (Daniel 2) So this realm would be bigger than any other realms that ever existed. It would truly rule the earth. But not like the human kingdoms. Not through manipulation, control, power and oppression. Not through violence and hatred. No. It would work in a completely different way. The sick are healed by the power of God. Evil spirits are cast out. People repent of their selfish, dishonest lives and bow with heart and soul to the God of love.

Does this army have no soldiers at all?  It sure does. But they are not soldiers as we know. They live by the Spirit of God and use weapons that you cannot see with your eyes.  They pray… and heaven moves.  They kneel down… and hell is shaken.  They worship and the angels break out with God’s power. They cheer for Almighty God and the demons scream into the darkness.  They give to the poor and break the chains of selfishness that keep humanity in captivity. They forgive their enemies, breaking the power of hatred and bitterness. They overcome evil through good.

They do not place themselves on the throne, but lay their crowns before the throne of Almighty God.  They serve Him who created them.

Their goal is not to gain power over humanity, but to free humanity from all oppression.  Their struggle is not to become more powerful themselves, but to raise up sons of God all over the earth.  Their vision is not self-centered, but they are driven by love that gives everything for the other.

That is the kingdom that this strange preacher in Israel spoke of.  Nobody had ever heard of this.  Nobody had ever seen this.  Nobody could have imagined such a thing.  A kingdom of God that establishes the government of God in the depths of our hearts.  Not a government that oppresses us, but a dominion of giving love that makes us freer than we ever dreamed.

Two thousand years after this strange man spoke about this kingdom, billions of people have heard about it and many millions live in this kingdom. Throughout history, these people have worked to bring humanity into this kingdom of love.  Many of them went to the dark jungles of demonic Africa, where they were in danger of being eaten. Or they disappeared deep into the jungles of South America, where human sacrifices were daily practice. They traveled to the icy highlands of Russia, where they came face to face with unscrupulous Moors who could put their eyes out.  These people traveled all over the earth to bring this kingdom of love.  Innumerable tribes, communities, villages, cities, and even entire nations turned away from their monstrous horrors and bowed to this God of love.

The baby born during the Roman Empire of total dictatorship, without freedom and with the most inhumane practices, became the king of the only kingdom that will ever rule all of humanity.  Not because he had more weapons than the others.  Not because he was more merciless and cunning. Not because he had more sophisticated strategies.  No.  Because he brings a kingdom of love.  A kingdom where no one wants to control the other. A kingdom whose king gave his own life for his subjects.

That kingdom is still there.  More than ever.  It works in the hearts of millions of people around the world.  It influences the decisions of godly leaders in various countries.  It is a never-diminishing kingdom.  It never weakens.  If it is fought in one part of the world, it will break through even more powerfully in other parts of the world.  If people in Western countries turn away from this king of love, millions in Asia, Africa and South America will discover this God of love.  If the churches are empty in post-Christian countries, homes all over the world are filling up with people who want to serve this king more than ever.

The preacher who performed miracles and announced this kingdom is called Jesus Christ.  Jesus means “savior” and Christ means “filled with the Spirit of God”.  A savior of humanity led by the Spirit of God.  That is the king of this realm.  He said something interesting about his kingdom.  “It will start small, like a mustard seed.” So unsightly, not impressive, unobtrusive.  “But it will grow into the largest tree in the entire garden.” He used other images to represent his kingdom.  “It is like a bit of yeast, which is worked slowly through the dough.  It doesn’t stand out at all … but it transforms the whole bread!” Wow … that’s the same thing the prophet Daniel said.  “This kingdom is going to be a mountain covering the whole earth.”  The prophet Isaiah wholeheartedly endorsed Daniel when he declared, “The continued expansion of this kingdom will never end.” (Isaiah 9:6)

The people who follow this Jesus and who are transformed by his love are given a special place.  They are called sons of God.  Like Jesus, they are also filled with the Spirit of God.  So they also do miracles, just like him.  Illness is cured, evil spirits expelled, injustice fought, the poor are cared for, corruption is exposed and justice gains the upper hand.  However, they do not work by force, but are guided by the Spirit of God.  Love drives them, not greed for power or prestige.  They want to deliver people from evil.  Free prisoners. Take away suffering and bring life.  They establish the greatest kingdom humanity has ever seen.  Without using a sword or gun.

This kingdom is bigger than ever today.  Hundreds of millions of people have made the choice to be part of this realm of love.  And their number is growing every day.

So the future is hopeful.  The time in which we live is nowhere near as horrifying as, for example, the Roman Empire.  Our society has improved unimaginably as millions of people who lived before us joined the kingdom of God.  These people have brought medical care, education, poor relief and many other blessings to society.

In recent decades, however, another monster has reared its head.  Madmen driven by evil spirits want to gain power over the whole earth for the umpteenth time.  However, their tactics have become more cunning.  Their weapons are no longer spears and clubs.  Now they work with politics, media and technology.  The goal is the same: to submit humanity to themselves. All means are devoted to this.  But they forget something …

A baby was born two thousand years ago.

Their great example, Emperor Herod, tried to kill this baby like a madman and deployed his entire army to pierce all the babies.  He did not succeed.  The baby grew up and became the king.  A king with infinitely more power than Caesar, Herod or Nero ever had.  His kingdom has no boundaries.  It does not speak any language.  It is not limited to any race.  It transcends all boundaries, speaks any language and transforms people of all races and people.  His kingdom does not bring hatred between nations, but brings all people together through the love of God.

The madmen of our time who walk in the footsteps of the ancient possessed, yearning for more and more power and wealth, think they are too powerful for the king.  But the stone that has rolled from the mountain has now become a sturdy mountain.  Millions around the world are rising up.  But not to elevate themselves.  Their hearts kneel very deeply.  Their pride bends as deeply as they can.  Who do they kneel so completely for?  For this king.  This Jesus who has been ruling for two thousand years.  And they pray.  They call on him.  They speak his word.  They become his hands and feet.  And this king is shattering the plans of the madmen of our time.

Their plan will not work.  They are crushed underneath the rocks of the mountain that is getting bigger and bigger.  They are shattered by the stones falling on top of them.  They run to their doom.  Like their great example, Nero the beast, they fall into their own pits and their end is miserable.

They had forgotten.  This baby who was born and grew up, during one of the most possessed and evil governments humanity has ever known.  Herod couldn’t stop him.  He could not even beat this newborn baby!  This is how powerful this king is.  Even as a baby…

Today Jesus is no longer a baby.  He is a king with a power that is higher than the clouds we see.  Beyond the wide plains.  Deeper than the oceans.  More powerful than the fiercest fire.  More beautiful than the most dazzling beauty. Our king is the Lord above all lords, the King above all kings, the Name above all names, the Authority above all that is in heaven, on earth and under the earth.  His kingdom is a never-ending rule.  A sun that constantly rises.  A light that shines brighter and brighter.  An influence that continues to grow.

The obsessed madmen who want to rule the world have forgotten about him. But they will crash into him.  He has no intention of getting his kingdom of love overpowered by these fools.

But something has to be done.  Many of us who are inhabitants of this kingdom also forget him.  We see the idiots of politics, media and technology who like Nebuchadnezzar, Caesar, Nero, Hannibal, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler and all their equally silly associates want to put the world at their feet. “Help!” We shout in panic.  “The world is going down the drain!  The possessed madmen are taking over!  We all go to the sharks!”

Our king smiles and shakes his head.  “Little children of mine, where is your faith?  Do you not know that all power has been given to me in heaven and on earth?  Have you forgotten that I am the highest authority?  Don’t you see how I’ve been saving the world for two thousand years?  Do you really think these stupid people can push me from the throne?  They work with lies and enchantment.  I work with truth and freedom.  My Spirit is the eternal and almighty.  He does what he wants.  So focus your eyes on me again. ”

The king refreshes our memory.  Oh yes, we are part of an eternally victorious kingdom.  Nero couldn’t stop it, just like anyone else in the past two thousand years.  Philosophers like Nietzsche and Voltaire labored all their lives to destroy this kingdom.  But after Voltaire’s death, his printing presses were used to print Bibles.  What a joke!  The world empire of King Jesus is a constantly victorious kingdom.  So we need not fear.  We can look at our king and lord.  The great victor.  He has conquered and continues to work out this victory.

He is called the rising sun by the prophet Isaiah (chapter 60).  Have you ever known that a sun rises, gets brighter, brightens the earth, and then suddenly stops – halfway through its ascent to the high sky – and begins to sink again?  That does not exist!  Jesus Christ is called the radiant morning star, the new day, the sun rising until all mankind is illuminated by its rays.  It is not a setting sun, but the rising sun!  Jesus is not the dusk, but the dawn!

Therefore, let us pray and declare the dominion of Jesus over our country. Let’s stop complaining about what the possessed madmen plot in their foolish desires.  Let’s declare the rule of the king of love over our country.  Let us stand up as worthy sons of God, who do not shrink from evil, but silence it in prayer and proclamation.  Let’s burst into exuberant praise and exclaim the eternal love of God, binding the powers of darkness with chains. Read it in Psalm 149!

Let’s cheer and shout about the tremendous power of the one and only true king who deserves to be the ruler of humanity.  He gave his life for us.  He washes our smelly feet.  He cares about the poor.  He fights injustice.  He is a real king.

Let’s get together and praise him without holding back.  Let’s break into exuberant dance of joy and freedom.  Let’s proclaim it wherever we can.

He is the king who rules.  Nothing and no one can ever change that.  No vaccine, no 5G, no world order, no Masons, no Google and Facebook … it will all be shattered by the mountain of the Lord.

So let’s rise up in prayer and proclamation. Declare it: “Let the plans of the wicked fail. Let the will of God be done. Let all evil be exposed. Let the wicked be removed. Raise up righteous leaders. In Jesus’ name! ”

Cry out in prayer: Father in heaven, YOUR kingdom come into our countries. YOUR will be done in the media.  Rule over our people Lord Jesus! Deliver us from the evil one.

Because yours is the kingdom. Yours is the power. Yours is all the glory.  Now and forever amen!

Cry out.  Pray in the spirit.  Fight in the heavenly places.  Knock down the enemy.  Cheer for the king of love and freedom.

Arise son of God.

Then the earth will see which king was born two thousand years ago. Then the world will see what they need.  Not more lust, not more pleasure, not more power, not more wealth.  But love for each other. Taking care of the poor and the oppressed.

A kingdom without a political dictator, but a kingdom with a friend standing next to us, a shepherd who guides us, a father who loves us, a God who heals us, and a leader who serves us.

Let’s become part of this kingdom and spread it all over the earth.

In Jesus’ name.

David Sorensen: GodisReal.today


Note from So Greatly Loved

David Sorensen, who wrote this, sent it to me by email. He requests, “Feel free to share this message anywhere and with whoever you can.” I was led to take up the challenge, and now I’m passing it on to you. Please spread the word.

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