Are We Living In The Worst Time Ever?

If you look at the history of humanity, you see something remarkable. There were always those who tried to rule the whole world. For example, there were the great empires of the Romans, the British, the Mongols, and the Spaniards who believed they could submit all mankind to themselves.

Of all the empires, the Roman Empire is perhaps the most notorious. However, during the Roman Empire, something strange happened … something that can greatly encourage us today!  

But first of all we have to realize just what time that was…

Lusting for power, Julius Caesar conquered one country after another and massacred countless people in the most brutal ways. For entertainment, Romans had their circus where they watched people being torn alive by starving wildlife.  Can you imagine such horrors? Consider, in our time, going to a big arena every Saturday for fun, watching terrified people be torn to pieces by lions and bears. Isn’t that indescribably horrible?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they also had the gladiatorial fights. These men were forced to fight each other to death. The crowd roared with pleasure, watching one gladiator chop off another’s arm or plant his sword in his belly. Horrible. That was how the Romans had fun.

If someone had committed a crime, they knew how to deal with him: beat the man with whips with stones worked into them. These lashes literally ripped open the skin and flesh. Then they made this person drag a heavy wooden crossbar, which he had to carry on his torn back. Awful. Then came the culmination of the torture: the man was placed on a wooden cross, and thick nails were hammered through his wrists and feet.  Do we have any idea what horrible pain this caused?

Then they let that person hang on the cross, where he couldn’t breathe because he hung on his arms. To catch his breath, he had to press himself on his feet, which were pierced with thick nails. The pains these people endured are too much for words and comprehension. We simply cannot imagine that. But the Romans eagerly enjoyed it. They looked at it greedily. It was a lot of fun for them. The circus, crucifixions, public torture, gladiators who killed each other, waging war…

These Romans were the most civilized and highly developed people on the planet at the time. They were the pinnacle of civilization. No one was as literate and educated as they were. They paraded proudly through the beautifully tiled streets of the impressive Roman cities.  Majesty and glory shone all around them.  Their stylish robes draped gracefully over their shoulders. Everywhere beautiful statues of their war heroes and gods were displayed. No one was as sophisticated as the Romans. They invented the first paved streets, the first sewers, the first bathhouses and many other modern comforts. But they were bloodthirsty beasts, without mercy. They wanted to see blood. They wanted to hear screaming cries of terrified people. The moaning of the dying gladiators had to reverberate. The unbearable groans of those dying on the cross. Monsters without a heart or conscience.

Their ships were not powered by engines. Oh no. They did not know that. Their enormous ships were propelled by slaves, who were doomed to an inhuman existence in the dark and stinking galleys.

Hands and feet chained in steel chains. Whipping lashed their exhausted bodies, under the roar of the unscrupulous drivers. Many died during their unbearable existence and then the other slaves had to keep rowing, with a dead man next to them.

The highly civilized Roman Empire would show the rest of the barbarian world what civilization is. Because outside that highly developed empire was the wild. The real beasts lived there. The peoples who had no civilization whatsoever. They ate each other as if it were normal. They behaved like wild pigs and mad dogs. As horrific as the Roman Empire was, everything beyond it was much worse. People lived an average of forty years. No one was safe anywhere. Earth was hell.

The Roman Empire was not the only attempt by beastly people to submit the whole world to themselves. At some point a madman arose from almost every nation, pursuing the delusion of becoming the most powerful man on earth. Total control of the universe has always been the insane desire of derailed people.

However, in the midst of the horrific Roman Empire, something incredible happened. In the midst of a society without freedom, without human rights, without reliable justice, without good medical care, without looking after the poor, widows and orphans. In the midst of this totalitarian dictatorship of a bloodthirsty, power-hungry despot, a baby was born.

Everyone knew no better than that there was no hope for a better future. Rome’s corrupt, evil leaders succeeded one another, often killing each other. There was constant betrayal, and one emperor proved to be more monstrous than the other. Herod did not shy away from piercing thousands of newborn babies with swords in front of the desperately screaming mothers. Then there was Emperor Nero who set people on fire, like torches, to illuminate the city. 

Those were the leaders of the most civilized empire on earth. Can we imagine how indescribably horrible evil was back then? The time in which we now live is a dream paradise compared to the continuing horrors of the past.

In the midst of that extreme darkness, a baby was born. Without much fanfare, without a trumpet blast on the large market square, without parades through the paved roads. But with the exuberant cheers of the angels who secretly showed themselves to a bunch of meaningless, poor shepherds in the open field.

Amid a culture of corruption, insane lust for power, brutal bloodthirst, and unprecedented demonic magical cults … where anyone could become a slave and most people had no rights … a baby was born in that hell.

And … everything changed.

This baby grew up and started going around like a strange preacher. He said things no one had ever heard.  “The time has come!” He cried.  “The time has come!” “No more delay!” “Now it’s going to happen!” What was he talking about?  What did he announce?

“The kingdom of God is now coming to you. Repent and believe this great news! ”

Everywhere this strange preacher went, he did amazing miracles. No clever tricks or mass hypnosis, as the Roman and Jewish “miracle workers” and “prophets” did. This man did real miracles. Thousands of people followed him because he healed all the sick who were brought to him.  “This is proof of the new kingdom!” He exclaimed. “If I heal these people from their diseases and free them from the evil spirits, then the kingdom of God has come upon you!”

Nobody understood what he meant.  A kingdom? All they could imagine was what they knew: a military hero who slashed others to become their ‘leader.’ Violence and power.

“No, no, my kingdom is not like that!” Said this strange man. “My kingdom is completely different. I don’t use violence and I don’t seek power. It is about the government of God in your heart. That you learn to experience his love and thus become a child of God. It’s about learning to love and serve each other. Take care of the poor. Do not seek power for yourself. On the contrary, be the least and serve others. ”

He did something very bizarre to show what he meant. After walking all day in the dust of the filthy streets, where dogs, camels and goats pooped and pissed freely, this preacher bent down. He knelt in front of the people following him and started washing their stinky, sticky, dirty feet with his bare hands.  “This is what I mean!” He said.  “This is my kingdom!” Nobody understood. What was this guy talking about?

Several belligerent men joined him. They knew the promises of the holy scriptures.  A Messiah would come and he would deliver them from the oppression of the foreign peoples, the Romans. He would restore their land and make them the most powerful nation on earth. They wanted to be part of it! Preferably as early as possible so that they could secure a place as general or colonel.  “May my sons sit on your right and left once your kingdom begins?” asked a mother. She already imagined it: her two sons next to the great king who would rule all over the earth!  Ha!

This preacher did something no one expected. During an unshakable and indescribably powerful empire that controlled the whole world, sowing fear and terror everywhere, he announced a very different kingdom. An empire in which the leaders wash the dirty feet of the people. An empire in which no one wants to dominate and control another. An empire where the smallest are the greatest and the first the last. An empire that nobody can see with their eyes and that has no headquarters anywhere on earth. An empire without a palace, without weapons, and without violence.

Yet the prophet Daniel had long ago announced this realm. “This empire,” he said, “will crush all other kingdoms on Earth. It will start as a stone that comes off a mountain and rolls down. But that stone will eventually become a mountain itself that covers the whole earth.” (Daniel 2) So this realm would be bigger than any other realms that ever existed. It would truly rule the earth. But not like the human kingdoms. Not through manipulation, control, power and oppression. Not through violence and hatred. No. It would work in a completely different way. The sick are healed by the power of God. Evil spirits are cast out. People repent of their selfish, dishonest lives and bow with heart and soul to the God of love.

Does this army have no soldiers at all?  It sure does. But they are not soldiers as we know. They live by the Spirit of God and use weapons that you cannot see with your eyes.  They pray… and heaven moves.  They kneel down… and hell is shaken.  They worship and the angels break out with God’s power. They cheer for Almighty God and the demons scream into the darkness.  They give to the poor and break the chains of selfishness that keep humanity in captivity. They forgive their enemies, breaking the power of hatred and bitterness. They overcome evil through good.

They do not place themselves on the throne, but lay their crowns before the throne of Almighty God.  They serve Him who created them.

Their goal is not to gain power over humanity, but to free humanity from all oppression.  Their struggle is not to become more powerful themselves, but to raise up sons of God all over the earth.  Their vision is not self-centered, but they are driven by love that gives everything for the other.

That is the kingdom that this strange preacher in Israel spoke of.  Nobody had ever heard of this.  Nobody had ever seen this.  Nobody could have imagined such a thing.  A kingdom of God that establishes the government of God in the depths of our hearts.  Not a government that oppresses us, but a dominion of giving love that makes us freer than we ever dreamed.

Two thousand years after this strange man spoke about this kingdom, billions of people have heard about it and many millions live in this kingdom. Throughout history, these people have worked to bring humanity into this kingdom of love.  Many of them went to the dark jungles of demonic Africa, where they were in danger of being eaten. Or they disappeared deep into the jungles of South America, where human sacrifices were daily practice. They traveled to the icy highlands of Russia, where they came face to face with unscrupulous Moors who could put their eyes out.  These people traveled all over the earth to bring this kingdom of love.  Innumerable tribes, communities, villages, cities, and even entire nations turned away from their monstrous horrors and bowed to this God of love.

The baby born during the Roman Empire of total dictatorship, without freedom and with the most inhumane practices, became the king of the only kingdom that will ever rule all of humanity.  Not because he had more weapons than the others.  Not because he was more merciless and cunning. Not because he had more sophisticated strategies.  No.  Because he brings a kingdom of love.  A kingdom where no one wants to control the other. A kingdom whose king gave his own life for his subjects.

That kingdom is still there.  More than ever.  It works in the hearts of millions of people around the world.  It influences the decisions of godly leaders in various countries.  It is a never-diminishing kingdom.  It never weakens.  If it is fought in one part of the world, it will break through even more powerfully in other parts of the world.  If people in Western countries turn away from this king of love, millions in Asia, Africa and South America will discover this God of love.  If the churches are empty in post-Christian countries, homes all over the world are filling up with people who want to serve this king more than ever.

The preacher who performed miracles and announced this kingdom is called Jesus Christ.  Jesus means “savior” and Christ means “filled with the Spirit of God”.  A savior of humanity led by the Spirit of God.  That is the king of this realm.  He said something interesting about his kingdom.  “It will start small, like a mustard seed.” So unsightly, not impressive, unobtrusive.  “But it will grow into the largest tree in the entire garden.” He used other images to represent his kingdom.  “It is like a bit of yeast, which is worked slowly through the dough.  It doesn’t stand out at all … but it transforms the whole bread!” Wow … that’s the same thing the prophet Daniel said.  “This kingdom is going to be a mountain covering the whole earth.”  The prophet Isaiah wholeheartedly endorsed Daniel when he declared, “The continued expansion of this kingdom will never end.” (Isaiah 9:6)

The people who follow this Jesus and who are transformed by his love are given a special place.  They are called sons of God.  Like Jesus, they are also filled with the Spirit of God.  So they also do miracles, just like him.  Illness is cured, evil spirits expelled, injustice fought, the poor are cared for, corruption is exposed and justice gains the upper hand.  However, they do not work by force, but are guided by the Spirit of God.  Love drives them, not greed for power or prestige.  They want to deliver people from evil.  Free prisoners. Take away suffering and bring life.  They establish the greatest kingdom humanity has ever seen.  Without using a sword or gun.

This kingdom is bigger than ever today.  Hundreds of millions of people have made the choice to be part of this realm of love.  And their number is growing every day.

So the future is hopeful.  The time in which we live is nowhere near as horrifying as, for example, the Roman Empire.  Our society has improved unimaginably as millions of people who lived before us joined the kingdom of God.  These people have brought medical care, education, poor relief and many other blessings to society.

In recent decades, however, another monster has reared its head.  Madmen driven by evil spirits want to gain power over the whole earth for the umpteenth time.  However, their tactics have become more cunning.  Their weapons are no longer spears and clubs.  Now they work with politics, media and technology.  The goal is the same: to submit humanity to themselves. All means are devoted to this.  But they forget something …

A baby was born two thousand years ago.

Their great example, Emperor Herod, tried to kill this baby like a madman and deployed his entire army to pierce all the babies.  He did not succeed.  The baby grew up and became the king.  A king with infinitely more power than Caesar, Herod or Nero ever had.  His kingdom has no boundaries.  It does not speak any language.  It is not limited to any race.  It transcends all boundaries, speaks any language and transforms people of all races and people.  His kingdom does not bring hatred between nations, but brings all people together through the love of God.

The madmen of our time who walk in the footsteps of the ancient possessed, yearning for more and more power and wealth, think they are too powerful for the king.  But the stone that has rolled from the mountain has now become a sturdy mountain.  Millions around the world are rising up.  But not to elevate themselves.  Their hearts kneel very deeply.  Their pride bends as deeply as they can.  Who do they kneel so completely for?  For this king.  This Jesus who has been ruling for two thousand years.  And they pray.  They call on him.  They speak his word.  They become his hands and feet.  And this king is shattering the plans of the madmen of our time.

Their plan will not work.  They are crushed underneath the rocks of the mountain that is getting bigger and bigger.  They are shattered by the stones falling on top of them.  They run to their doom.  Like their great example, Nero the beast, they fall into their own pits and their end is miserable.

They had forgotten.  This baby who was born and grew up, during one of the most possessed and evil governments humanity has ever known.  Herod couldn’t stop him.  He could not even beat this newborn baby!  This is how powerful this king is.  Even as a baby…

Today Jesus is no longer a baby.  He is a king with a power that is higher than the clouds we see.  Beyond the wide plains.  Deeper than the oceans.  More powerful than the fiercest fire.  More beautiful than the most dazzling beauty. Our king is the Lord above all lords, the King above all kings, the Name above all names, the Authority above all that is in heaven, on earth and under the earth.  His kingdom is a never-ending rule.  A sun that constantly rises.  A light that shines brighter and brighter.  An influence that continues to grow.

The obsessed madmen who want to rule the world have forgotten about him. But they will crash into him.  He has no intention of getting his kingdom of love overpowered by these fools.

But something has to be done.  Many of us who are inhabitants of this kingdom also forget him.  We see the idiots of politics, media and technology who like Nebuchadnezzar, Caesar, Nero, Hannibal, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler and all their equally silly associates want to put the world at their feet. “Help!” We shout in panic.  “The world is going down the drain!  The possessed madmen are taking over!  We all go to the sharks!”

Our king smiles and shakes his head.  “Little children of mine, where is your faith?  Do you not know that all power has been given to me in heaven and on earth?  Have you forgotten that I am the highest authority?  Don’t you see how I’ve been saving the world for two thousand years?  Do you really think these stupid people can push me from the throne?  They work with lies and enchantment.  I work with truth and freedom.  My Spirit is the eternal and almighty.  He does what he wants.  So focus your eyes on me again. ”

The king refreshes our memory.  Oh yes, we are part of an eternally victorious kingdom.  Nero couldn’t stop it, just like anyone else in the past two thousand years.  Philosophers like Nietzsche and Voltaire labored all their lives to destroy this kingdom.  But after Voltaire’s death, his printing presses were used to print Bibles.  What a joke!  The world empire of King Jesus is a constantly victorious kingdom.  So we need not fear.  We can look at our king and lord.  The great victor.  He has conquered and continues to work out this victory.

He is called the rising sun by the prophet Isaiah (chapter 60).  Have you ever known that a sun rises, gets brighter, brightens the earth, and then suddenly stops – halfway through its ascent to the high sky – and begins to sink again?  That does not exist!  Jesus Christ is called the radiant morning star, the new day, the sun rising until all mankind is illuminated by its rays.  It is not a setting sun, but the rising sun!  Jesus is not the dusk, but the dawn!

Therefore, let us pray and declare the dominion of Jesus over our country. Let’s stop complaining about what the possessed madmen plot in their foolish desires.  Let’s declare the rule of the king of love over our country.  Let us stand up as worthy sons of God, who do not shrink from evil, but silence it in prayer and proclamation.  Let’s burst into exuberant praise and exclaim the eternal love of God, binding the powers of darkness with chains. Read it in Psalm 149!

Let’s cheer and shout about the tremendous power of the one and only true king who deserves to be the ruler of humanity.  He gave his life for us.  He washes our smelly feet.  He cares about the poor.  He fights injustice.  He is a real king.

Let’s get together and praise him without holding back.  Let’s break into exuberant dance of joy and freedom.  Let’s proclaim it wherever we can.

He is the king who rules.  Nothing and no one can ever change that.  No vaccine, no 5G, no world order, no Masons, no Google and Facebook … it will all be shattered by the mountain of the Lord.

So let’s rise up in prayer and proclamation. Declare it: “Let the plans of the wicked fail. Let the will of God be done. Let all evil be exposed. Let the wicked be removed. Raise up righteous leaders. In Jesus’ name! ”

Cry out in prayer: Father in heaven, YOUR kingdom come into our countries. YOUR will be done in the media.  Rule over our people Lord Jesus! Deliver us from the evil one.

Because yours is the kingdom. Yours is the power. Yours is all the glory.  Now and forever amen!

Cry out.  Pray in the spirit.  Fight in the heavenly places.  Knock down the enemy.  Cheer for the king of love and freedom.

Arise son of God.

Then the earth will see which king was born two thousand years ago. Then the world will see what they need.  Not more lust, not more pleasure, not more power, not more wealth.  But love for each other. Taking care of the poor and the oppressed.

A kingdom without a political dictator, but a kingdom with a friend standing next to us, a shepherd who guides us, a father who loves us, a God who heals us, and a leader who serves us.

Let’s become part of this kingdom and spread it all over the earth.

In Jesus’ name.

David Sorensen:


Note from So Greatly Loved

David Sorensen, who wrote this, sent it to me by email. He requests, “Feel free to share this message anywhere and with whoever you can.” I was led to take up the challenge, and now I’m passing it on to you. Please spread the word.

📝 I have added the photos.

Author: sogreatlyoved

I was born in England in the middle of WWII. I am a retired Spanish and French teacher, and in later years I became a Bible School lecturer. My husband and I have been very happily married for fifty-one years. We have three children and three grandchildren. The most important choice I made in my life was to ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart and be my Saviour. I was born again during my first term at university in 1961, after searching for the truth for several years. Jesus has brought me into a beautiful, close, intimate walk with Him and I chat to Him often throughout the day. When my husband and I took early retirement we worked as missionaries in India. We were privileged to see awesome healing miracles, and many lives transformed by the power of God. I have also worked for Jesus in Spain, France and South Africa. It is very much on my heart to write about the breathtakingly wonderful things I have seen Jesus do, and to encourage others to trust Him for themselves. The Lord has always been there for me through the almost sixty years I have known Him. He has never let me down, and His grace is always more than sufficient in times of need. Jesus shows His boundless love for me in so many ways. Truly, I am So Greatly Loved.

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