Removing the Last Stains from Our Wedding Gowns

Jesus says what Love is, and what it is not:

“Love works in many different ways that many do not realise. It is an act of love and an act of mercy to pardon someone when they’ve said something to hurt you. To take up a reproach to them is not love — to overlook their fault, that is love. To correct someone when it really isn’t necessary is not love either. To find fault with others is not love. To degrade or humiliate others is not love. Love overlooks the shortcomings of others because she knows she has even worse faults that others overlook in her. Love sympathises with the downtrodden, not adding more accusations against them. Love does not point the finger when someone falls.

“My Brides, if you secretly rejoice when someone has fallen, you have not love. I know you try to control yourself outwardly, but inwardly you are rejoicing that fate finally caught up with someone who has been a thorn in your side for a long time. If you would be perfect, if you would be a suitable spouse for Me, your hearts must be conformed to Mine. You must grieve when I grieve, and love when I love. There is no greater sign of your love for Me than the way you respond to your brother or sister when they are in trouble.

“That will accomplish two things closely related: charity and humility. Continue to look at the good in others and the shortcomings in yourself. When you discipline your mind to take this approach, you draw near to the Kingdom of Heaven. And conversely, when you dote on their faults and your virtues, the kingdom of darkness draws nigh unto you. These are Satan’s thoughts. When you think that way, you think as he does. That should be enough right there to frighten you away from this kind of conduct. Wickedness draws in and entertains wickedness. Virtue attracts virtue.

“My Children, when you are taken up with the faults and shortcomings of others, you are inviting a serious fall. You are also causing Me to withdraw a distance from you and oppose you even in your ‘holy’ undertakings. For truly, how holy is an undertaking when underneath the surface you are seething with jealousy and fault‐finding and even spreading it to others? Do you think anything you undertake with that heart is pleasing to Me?

“But even a little one, very little, meek and honouring others, even the little that these do is pleasing to Me because the motive is love. If love is not the motive, whatever you undertake will burn in the purifying fires. It matters not how astute, educated, well researched, and presented ­— if it isn’t done with love as the primary motive, it will burn in the fire.

We will have some big surprises in Heaven…

“That is why so many who have gone to Heaven have discovered a housewife sitting on a throne, while the famous evangelists are walking in the outer courts or even outer reaches of Heaven without a reward. Her only motive in what she was doing was love for Me and for her brother. Whereas that famous one’s motive was pride, influence, fame and vying to correct others. These habits are abhorrent to Me and the saints in Heaven. So it matters not how sublime their discoveries, if the vessel is corrupt it will not be counted to them as righteousness. It is so much better for you to know these things now than to find out in that final hour. For if you repent, your sin will be washed away, never to be found.

“The more I lavish on a soul, the littler they should become.”

“So much is lacking in understanding of how Heaven judges the things of men. Rivalry and competition have no place in Heaven. I’m looking to crown the souls of those who truly see themselves as less than their brother — souls that are always taking the seat furthest back, souls that make others look good while they themselves step back into the shadows. Rivalry is detestable. The more I lavish on a soul, the littler they should become, otherwise I cannot trust them with more.

“That is what your journey on this Earth has been all about. These are the finishing touches, the final tests of how truly you love Me, how ingrained with Me your thinking is: how perfectly you love others, that you never want to see them downgraded, but always to see them advanced and that you find your joy in their advancement while you remain on the same level.

“No one has more worth than the Blood I shed on the Cross.”

“These are hard tests, but very necessary. But all must pass them if they would overcome their flesh. Just remember, this is not about downgrading you and exalting others, for no one has more worth than the Blood I shed on the Cross. That is your net worth, if you want to judge as the world judges. Not one of you is loved more than another. I love each of you and see you fulfilled becoming who I created you to be. Yes, I get more pleasure from seeing a soul who is victorious in their life, but I don’t love them any more for it. I love the failures just as much. It saddens Me to see the foolish course they have chosen for their lives. It truly grieves me.

“So, all I am saying to you, My Brides, is look deeper; look in My mirror, seek approval from Me alone. Do not turn and compare yourselves to others, this is Satan’s tactic to turn you from the path of virtue. Instead, allow Holy Spirit to reveal these diseased places in your souls and allow Me to heal you with My love.

“Take this to heart now, My Loves, take it to heart and turn over a new leaf. I am taking you to Heaven soon and these are some of the very last stains on your gowns.

“I love you, I will work with you and for you. Rely on Me to help you, do not attempt to do this on your own. I am in this moment imparting to each of you the grace to stand before Me. Work with it.”

Note from So Greatly Loved

This timely, challenging message was given by Jesus to Clare du Bois in order to help His Brides to be ready for His soon return. I share this with Clare’s permission.

Let us lean in to our Beloved Bridegroom, doing our utmost to remove the last stains from our wedding gowns. May we be Brides who are ready, having our lamps filled with oil, and working hard on our assignments as we watch in keen anticipation for Jesus’ coming in glory to take us Home.