A Truly Extraordinary Experience

What an awesome adventure it is to love and encourage my little group of traumatised, trafficked children and adolescents day by day… Jesus Himself joins me and He speaks to them too!

How I began

When I heard about the plight of these innocent children and adolescents [see below] I longed to do whatever I could to help them. I wrote to a good friend to learn more about it as I hadn’t a clue how to get started. After all, how do you start speaking to someone you cannot see, have no idea who they are, or even which country they are living in?

My friend replied, “Your heart is for the children, just ask the Lord, ‘Send them to me Lord, I will comfort them.’ That’s all it takes. Be very still, quiet and calm and listen, look, expecting to see or hear something. Do not write it off to imagination when you see or hear something, take it as the real deal.”


It was a huge leap of faith for me. I took a deep breath one day and said, “Hello children, this is Auntie Pam!” To my delight a little voice answered!

📝 I hear the children clearly every day, but I have never seen them.

At first I talked very simply about Jesus and how much He loves them. I led the children to know Him as their Saviour, and assured them many other people are praying for them. I said I loved them very much and was praying for them, and would join them again the next day.

After I had been talking to these little ones a couple of days, the children said, “We’ve told Jesus about you!” It was such a natural thing for children to say, and I think it was from that point that I was no longer tempted to doubt whether this was really happening.

To minister in the spirit is out of this world!

Time with my little group early every morning now lasts at least half an hour. Jesus gives me great ideas. He prompted me to encourage the children to pray Psalm 91 every day so I asked if they had anything to write on; to my surprise they had. I slowly dictated Psalm 91, verse by verse, over the next couple of weeks, encouraging them to try to learn what they could.

Chatting to Jesus about the children later, I told Him I wondered if I was expecting too much of them. Jesus replied, “They are going to surprise you, Pam!” They did— and their astonishing achievement in memorising the whole Psalm in such trying circumstances helped to boost their very low self esteem.

Jesus asked me to branch out and teach the Beatitudes and His parables. We have now covered all the parables, and much more besides. Jesus joins me before I speak to the children, encouraging them by giving me a personal word to pass on to them from Him. He has a something to say to them most days. Before going on air, I ask Jesus, “Do You have anything to say to Our precious children today, Lord?” I scribble it down before joining them. They are so thrilled that Jesus has given a word just for them that they often want me to dictate His every word.

Jesus calls Our children “His little missionaries”

I asked my tiny group if they knew any children who didn’t yet belong to Jesus. They did, and knew straightaway what they should do. They were soon introducing a newly saved friend to me. Jesus calls them “His little missionaries.”

Before long Jesus led me to teach about Holy Spirit. The children struggled to get free in tongues at first. Remembering how I had eventually only broken free myself after a monumental struggle, I knew how best to help them. I told them I would say something in tongues, and asked them to join in, explaining that Holy Spirit wouldn’t let them make a mistake, but even He couldn’t give them their own prayer language until they opened their mouth! It worked beautifully!

The next development was that they were not only winning a soul to Jesus from time to time, but also praying for their new Christian friends to be baptised in Holy Spirit. At first they called me in to get their newly saved friends free in tongues… then they realised they didn’t need my help! I was simply thrilled!!

The adventure of singing in tongues 

Another joyous time was when the children learned what Holy Spirit does when they sing in tongues together! The way He blends their individual melodies into one glorious harmony was a wonderful surprise to them. These children are such a joy to teach. They are like little sponges, soaking up everything.

Jesus took Our children on a visit to Heaven!

One day Jesus took Our children on a surprise visit to Heaven. How lovely of Him to do that for them! What a beautiful blessing that was in view of the appalling conditions in which they are forced to live. They were so excited to tell me all about it the following day. A little later, Jesus wanted me to ask them to begin thinking about how they would like their homes in Heaven to be… What colours would they like in their homes? What kind of furniture, and would they like a pet each? Would they, like Auntie Pam, love to have a little stream running through their gardens?

On another occasion Jesus told me He had visited our tiny group in Person while I was talking to them. They actually saw Him among them. Wow!

A delightful new dimension

It was a wonderfully uplifting addition to our precious times together when Jesus suggested I could teach praise and worship songs, playing them for the children on my phone. First I taught them a couple of songs by Don Francisco, then several by John Michael Talbot. I am now sharing a beautiful children’s album.

I threw out a challenge one day on Don Francisco’s song “I will praise You, O Lord, with all my heart.” When they had mastered the words, I challenged them to find out how many times Don Francisco sings “Hosanna!” The next day they told me it was thirty times: they were spot on! They particularly enjoy dancing to that song. Jesus told me that in Heaven everyone loves to sing along with the children, and the Angels dance!

The much loved old favourite “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is understandably very meaningful to my little group. I had taught them on prayer, and on Forgiveness fairly near the beginning, making sure they had fully forgiven the unspeakably evil things being done to them repeatedly on a daily basis.

My group currently consists of eight children. I don’t ask them personal questions so I’ve no idea where they are living. They asked me how old I am. They seemed surprised. I don’t have any problem getting down to their level… when God calls us to do something for Him, He will always equip us.

Jesus joins in as I’m teaching the children

I shared with the children Jesus’ teaching in the house of Simon the Pharisee, “He who has been forgiven much loves much.” I read to them His parable of two men who had borrowed money: one 500 silver coins and the other 50 silver coins. When neither could repay their debt, The kindly creditor forgave them both. Jesus asked Simon, “which of them would love him the most?” The Pharisee replied, “The man who had been forgiven the most.”

At that point Jesus spoke to my little group: “Every time you have been abused by those evil men I want you to forgive them from your heartevery single time. Then pray for them to be saved. Say, “Jesus, I forgive them from my heart, and I ask You to forgive them, and to save them, please.” I will surely answer your prayer, My beloved little missionaries. And those cruel, evil men will eventually love Me very, very much because they will have been forgiven so much sin.

Astonishing growth in the Lord

I always ask what the children would like me to pray about with them. They have asked for help in learning Bible verses, and that they might meet another child to lead to Jesus. One day they told me that one of the group had hurt her foot and could hardly walk. I asked them to lay hands on her poorly foot and pray together in their prayer languages and I would be praying in tongues too. To our great joy Jesus healed the foot there and then!

On another occasion one of the group had a nasty cold and the others asked me to pray for her. The children laid hands on her and prayed in their prayer languages while I prayed in tongues at home. Almost as soon as we finished praying, the cold symptoms were almost gone. The faith of these delightful, outrageously exploited, innocent children is growing stronger week by week.

One day as I was asking what I could pray about for them, they asked, “May we pray for you, Auntie Pam?” I felt like crying, bearing in mind what horrific, excruciating suffering these brave little souls are subjected to day after day, after day.

It is humbling, and an indescribable privilege, to learn from these beautiful little ones. I had no preparation at all for this, apart from the encouragement to “take it as the real deal.” I did just that—and it was!

Jesus is calling for those with tender hearts who will help!

Jesus said, “I appeal to you now. Please work with Me to rescue, comfort, and heal these precious children and young adults who are daily victims of unbelievable terror and extreme pain; crying, begging, and pleading day and night for someone to PLEASE help them.”

Could Jesus be calling YOU to be a spiritual Uncle or Auntie? There’s so much any one of us can do. I didn’t have a clue where to begin, but Jesus said to me, “We’re doing this together; I will help you…” And He did!

Transcripts from Still Small Voice on Vimeo

Spiritually Adopt a Trafficked Child

Still Small Voice: Vimeo December 16, 2017

“I want you to spiritually adopt trafficked children,” Jesus began. “You are well aware of the horrible kidnapping, selling, and trafficking of poor innocent children throughout the world in many places. Not only are they taken from their parents and siblings, which in itself is terrorizing enough. But after being sold, they are beaten severely to make them submit, from the very first moment, to the unspeakable sexual abuse and painful violation of their tender little bodies.

“Sometimes as many as six different men, or even more, keep them for hours on end, burning, beating, and raping them. Some of them do not survive these long periods of torture and abuse. To keep down the screaming, these men will stuff socks and handkerchiefs into their mouths. Because many of the the children are already very weak and sick, they have difficulty breathing, and they can end up dying by suffocation.

“By the profound compassion and tenderness of My Father, We have seen their tears, and heard their desperate pleas. Therefore, We have made a provision to distract them away from being tortured, allowing them through souls who are praying for them to experience the tenderness of being loved and held securely. Contrary to what is happening to them, they find some comfort in this.

“Those with hearts to comfort these children have experienced this and now I am asking you to work with Me, and ‘spiritually adopt’ as many of these as you possibly can. If you will give me your permission, and your own free will, to take these and intentionally hold them, cover them, and carry them close within your heart. I will expand both your heart and soul to accommodate ALL that I bring to You, along with All the love and attention of an alert and devoted mother.

“Am I not your Faithful God? Do I say, and not carry out? I will be with them as the ‘dew-laden breeze’ in the fiery furnace. And many shall live, going out to proclaim My wonderful love and deliverance to the ends of the Earth! “I have decreed all of this,” says the Lord, “that the souls of many shall be saved!”

Difficult Days: Persevere

Still Small Voice: Vimeo January 22, 2018

Jesus began, “My dear ones, you cannot imagine the plight these children are in. Their minds are so warped and twisted by fear, they cannot reason enough to escape their situation. They have the threat of being killed held over their heads. In some cases, even their families are being threatened if they do not comply. It is a wicked, evil system Satan has given these men to control vulnerable souls, making them victims of the most deplorable exploitation ever known to mankind.

“Your prayers are making a difference. Your support is making a difference. And I want you to know that when you gasp with horror over what is being done, My Father in Heaven hears that as a prayer. Nothing you feel, see, or pray for is minimised; all of it bears fruit on some level. Do not grow weary in well doing.

“Many have expressed their desire to spiritually adopt these children. Simply ask Me and I will bring them to you in the spirit. Some of you may see them; others not. That is not important. What is important is that your heart is for them, you are praying and they are getting comfort and relief. The more you pray, the greater their chance of escaping from the clutches of those who have seared their consciences for a few dollars. No prayer goes unanswered. Every prayer is matched with graces—and some way beyond what you’ve invested in prayer… But remember, My dear ones, the more obedient and committed you are to Me, the greater the impact of your prayers.”

Through much prayer many criminals are being brought to Justice

This is a horrible crime, which is now rampant in the United States. But the greatest thing we can do is to pray for them, and to pray that this horrible, horrible industry will be completely squashed by law enforcement.

Note from So Greatly Loved

Ministering in the spirit to a little group of trafficked children is a truly extraordinary experience. It’s an awesome privilege that is rewarding beyond words. You are not expected to do all that I’ve been led to do. You may well have better ideas. Above everything else, these terrified little ones need to know the love of Jesus, and to be genuinely loved and prayed with by a caring Auntie or Uncle in the spirit.

If you love Jesus and want to do something for Him, sharing His love with petrified, disoriented children who don’t know who to turn to in their distress, would greatly please our Lord. Reaching out to them in love is HUGE with the Lord. Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 25: 40 “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25: 40, KJV