The Joy of Lingering in Worship

Worshipping God in spirit and in truth is the highest activity of which man is capable. Jesus taught in John 4:23-24 that God is seeking those who will worship Him. Since we know that He is seeking worshippers, how eagerly we should run to Him whenever we can, to be lost in His Presence, worshipping Him, caught up in His Love, oblivious to all around us, unaware of the passage of time! This is precious beyond words. It goes so very much deeper than our Sunday worship times in church. Oh how the Lord waits for us to run to Him! How His heart aches for our fellowship in worship as we abandon ourselves to Him!

Angels help us in our worship

As I wrote in a previous post, “Childlike Faith Works,” Angels sometimes join us in our worship. The breathtaking experience I describe, which took place in the early 1980s at an Easter conference in Somerset, in the south of England, was glorious. There were hundreds of Angels worshipping with us, and many of us were able to see them.

The beautiful hymn “Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven” mentions that Angels help us in our worship: “Angels, help us to adore Him, ye behold Him face to face.” I read of someone who had a NDE (Near Death Experience) and was taken up to Heaven for a short time. We can read of so many such experiences these days. YouTube has a large number of testimonies on video, and some of these privileged people later write a book about what they were shown in Heaven. The person to whom I refer heard the hymn ‘Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven’ being sung in Heaven! When he commented that we sing that on earth, he was told that it originated in Heaven, and that the inspiration to write like this comes from the Holy Spirit.

An intimate relationship with Jesus

Many musical groups are being anointed nowadays to minister Love to the Bride of Christ, and to bring the Bride into His arms. There are so many wonderful, solid, Bible teachers who are now teaching this. The Lord has anointed this for this season, and it is a huge movement all over the world.

Jesus has spoken about this, saying, “I wait for them to come and sit before Me, with nothing in mind but Me. Just the sight of one of My Brides sitting quietly with Me on her mind, though it be interrupted by a thousand and one thoughts… still, it brings Me much comfort and pleasure.”

One of the beautiful songs of pure love for Jesus, and total surrender to Him is by Christ For All Nations:

All of Me

“When I’m captured by Your gaze,

The whole world fades away

And the troubles I once knew

Dissipate in Your embrace.

When Your beauty I behold,

In my heart one thing I know

Earthly things are counted loss

Just to know You even more.”


“So let me pour my love on You,

Like fragrance from my heart

And feel Your love surround me as

You wrap me in Your arms.

Take me to Your chambers where

Your beauty’s all I see

The place where nothing matters

But to give You all of me.”


“Where are those who will linger in My Presence in this season of Acceleration?”

This prophecy was given through Lana Vawser, an anointed prophet from Australia who is much in demand internationally as a conference speaker. I receive her prophecies regularly by email.

Lana shared the Lord’s heart with us:

I had a powerful encounter recently with the heart of God that has left me broken with longing for Him in such a gloriously, deeper way. It was an encounter that moved me so deeply. Experiencing His heart at such a deep level, left me never the same. Hearing the longing from His heart so deeply awakened in me again, the deeper cry to lay down my life and everything to KNOW HIM! To minister to Him! To love Him! To worship Him! That my life would MOVE HIS HEART!

I heard this cry, this deep longing out of the heart of God, so deep, so yearning, it set me alight and yet hurt my heart so deeply… I heard Him saying “WHERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL LINGER? WHERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL LINGER IN MY PRESENCE IN THIS SEASON OF ACCELERATION?”

LINGER: stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave. (Definition taken from Google)

I was left undone!!!! Hearing the heart of God in such deep longing for His people, such deep, deep yearning to know His people and for His people to enjoy His presence. To simply be with Him, to sit as two best friends sit together, even without words, just enjoying each other.

“For just one day of intimacy with you is like a thousand days of joy rolling into one! I’d rather stand at the threshold in front of the Gate Beautiful, ready to go in and worship my God, than to live my life without you in the most beautiful palace of the wicked.”

Psalm 84:10 The Passion Translation

The Lord spoke to me that in this season of acceleration there is a temptation to NOT LINGER, but actually in this season of acceleration, the people of God must be EVEN MORE INTENTIONAL TO LINGER in His presence!!!!!

As My people say YES to Me in this season, waiting on Me, delighting in Me, sitting with Me, I will raise up a COMPANY OF THOSE WHO LINGER and they shall be the ones who KNOW the secrets and meditations of MY HEART!!!!!!!!

The Lord showed me the danger of getting caught up in the ‘winds of acceleration’ and striving, self-promotion and ‘building your own kingdom’ in this season will all sprout forth from a life that does not linger. As the people of God LINGER in His presence, His Spirit is dealing with, breaking and healing those issues.


You will know those who LINGER in My presence in this season as they will walk with a DEEP REST that is TANGIBLE and you will see the fire of the revelation secrets of My heart in their eyes. Those that linger will see the largest LIFT OFF of their lives in this season and it will be by the wind of My Spirit alone. The season of acceleration does not mean ‘busier’ it means I am doing things faster. Breakthrough is happening with greater momentum and velocity. But the more the acceleration winds increase, the more you are to LINGER My people.

The Lord then highlighted Joshua to me in Exodus 33:9-11:

“And it came to pass, when Moses entered the tabernacle, that the pillar of cloud descended and stood at the door of the tabernacle, and the Lord talked with Moses. All the people saw the pillar of cloud standing at the tabernacle door, and all the people rose and worshipped, each man in his tent door. So the Lord spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. And he would return to the camp, but his servant Joshua the son of Nun, a young man, DID NOT DEPART FROM THE TABERNACLE!!”


There is such a deep and glorious invitation to LINGER in His presence in this season. The greatest joy is to know Him and carry His heart. To know what He is dreaming about! To know what the secrets of His heart are.


“Where are those who will linger? Where are those who will linger in this season of acceleration?”

His eyes are roaming! His eyes are searching! He’s looking! Does that not cause you to be undone? The heart of Almighty God is looking for those who will LINGER. Why? So He can REVEAL His heart and fellowship with His people.

“There is a private place reserved for the lowers of God where they sit near Him and receive the revelation-secrets of His promises” Psalm 25:13 The Passion Translation

In the LINGERING there is a depth of His heart and rivers of the Spirit being entered into by the people of God that have never been experienced before.

There is NO END to discovering the heart of God and He’s inviting you and I in. Let us not take His invitation lightly! Let us not cast away His question. Let us cry out together, that His Spirit burn that question He is asking SO DEEP within us, that we are MOVED! We are shaken out of any areas of complacency and awakened to deeper intimacy and friendship with our Beloved. Let us be INTENTIONAL to INVITE His Spirit to CONVICT US!

In this season of acceleration, let our priority be to LINGER. Let His eyes fall upon us and our LIVES and POSITIONING be an answer to His question.. “WHERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL LINGER? WHERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL LINGER IN THIS SEASON OF ACCELERATION?”


This prophetic word made a profound impression on me, as it did on Lana. Like her, I was undone! To learn that Jesus is waiting for me – longing for me to break off from my busy schedule to simply sit quietly before Him, adoring Him, overwhelmed by His Love and His holiness, worshipping Him quietly – what an unspeakable joy and privilege is this!

To the best of my ability over the past few months, I’ve been lingering long in the presence of Jesus, lost in the awesomeness of how Holy He is – how Worthy of our worship – how altogether Lovely Jesus is. However busy I may be, I have been doing my utmost to make time for prolonged worship and adoration several times every day. In fact He has even said that these times mean more to Him than any work we may actually do for Him. That shook me to the core! It affected me deeply that it should mean so much to Jesus that one of His little ones would delight in simply being with Him – two best friends together.

Graces are dispensed during these times of intimacy with our Lord. He opens up so much to us, sharing what is on His heart. New works are granted for us to do for Him. New talents are given, and fresh opportunities arise to help others on their journey with Jesus. However, the most precious thing of all to me is that everything stems from our close intimacy with Jesus as we fulfil the deep desire of His heart. I do not have words to express the heavenly bliss of resting in His arms, seeing only Jesus.

Note from So Greatly Loved

To receive Lana Vawser’s frequent prophecies by email, search her website Lana Vawser Ministries.

Author: sogreatlyoved

I was born in England in the middle of WWII. I am a retired Spanish and French teacher, and in later years I became a Bible School lecturer. My husband and I have been very happily married for fifty-one years. We have three children and three grandchildren. The most important choice I made in my life was to ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart and be my Saviour. I was born again during my first term at university in 1961, after searching for the truth for several years. Jesus has brought me into a beautiful, close, intimate walk with Him and I chat to Him often throughout the day. When my husband and I took early retirement we worked as missionaries in India. We were privileged to see awesome healing miracles, and many lives transformed by the power of God. I have also worked for Jesus in Spain, France and South Africa. It is very much on my heart to write about the breathtakingly wonderful things I have seen Jesus do, and to encourage others to trust Him for themselves. The Lord has always been there for me through the almost sixty years I have known Him. He has never let me down, and His grace is always more than sufficient in times of need. Jesus shows His boundless love for me in so many ways. Truly, I am So Greatly Loved.

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