Going Deeper in the Heart of Jesus

How my own life was transformed

Worship has been a large, very precious, part of my everyday life since Jesus brought me into a much deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the Still Small Voice channel where the anointed teachings began totally transforming my Christian life some years ago. I have known Jesus for 58 years, and heard Him speaking frequently in my heart for 54 of those years. However, I had no idea how much more than hearing His voice, Jesus has for His children to be enjoying until I ‘happened’ to click on a Still Small Voice video one day out of curiosity.

Jesus Himself shares His heart on this channel. Through it thousands of Christians worldwide are entering into greater depth in their walk with the Lord, as I am. Many of us are now moving under fresh anointings, discovering new talents and abilities granted to use in previously undreamed of ministries for the Lord. The fruit borne by the Still Small Voice channel in new ministries birthed, can only be described as remarkable. This teaching is too good to keep to myself, so I am sharing some excerpts from messages on the channel that have greatly blessed me. It is no wonder that the enemy hates this anointed channel and does his utmost to discredit it. The devil trembles indeed to see countless numbers of Christians becoming so liberated now, through this input from above, and moving into their own God-appointed destinies, far beyond their wildest dreams.

On the Still Small Voice channel, Jesus addresses us as His Brides: those who are making sure they are ready for the return of their heavenly Bridegroom to catch them away to Heaven in the Rapture. The word ‘Rapture’ means ‘to snatch away out of danger.’ Many people around the world understand that we recently very narrowly missed the outbreak of WW3, the so-called ‘war to end all wars.’ The world situation is calmer now, but could easily change with little warning. It is very important indeed for Christians to be ready for Jesus’ return.

Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25 in which ten young women are waiting for the coming of the Bridegroom, describes the day in which we live. Jesus said that five of them were wise and five were foolish. The wise had oil in their lamps, plus plenty of oil to spare: they were filled with Holy Spirit and ready for their Lord’s return to take them to Heaven, where they would enjoy the Wedding Supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19:9). The five foolish ones, on the other hand, ran out of oil and therefore missed the Bridegroom’s coming; the door was shut and they were left behind. This looks as though Jesus is saying that many in the church will not be ready for His coming. What a warning! How many are heeding it, I wonder?

Are we forgetful Brides?

Jesus talks to His proven prophet Clare du Bois about many issues on the Still Small Voice channel. In the following excerpt He is speaking on Worship:

“Some of you, My Brides, are forgetting to spend substantial time in worship with Me. I have so many new anointings and gifts for you, My Brides, but you must enter into praise and thanksgiving. There is nothing I will deny a praising, thankful soul. Eventually, every desire of her heart will be fulfilled. But as you throw off the fetters of the day like old rags, and reach your hearts up into the Heavenly courts to worship, My very arms and heart swing open to receive you and together we enter into worship and your soul is restored. As you sing about My Beauty, I cannot help but reciprocate, My Lovely Brides. Yes, I sing over you! In worship, while you are driving, in the store, and in the mornings, especially. Yes, I love to sing over you in the mornings and establish your day on the solid foundation of My Love and Trust in you.

“I love to remind you of your beauty before Me. It is not a beauty of this world, it is Heavenly, and a masterpiece to be appreciated by all of Heaven. For not only are you the redeemed, but you are as well My Very Spouse for Eternity. And how lovely you are in the garments of praise. When you sing to Me, when you enter into the lyrics even without singing, but your heart is expressed through them, there is a certain honey that is released. Spiritual Honey, both in fragrance ascending to the Throne, and a calming blanket of adoration that ascends to enfold Me as well.

“You do not yet realise what your worship means to Me. If you could see the pockets of darkness around this Earth, you would realise that truly Earth has many dungeons… places where joy and worship are not practised, places where I am not known, places ridden with crime and sin. Then you would see the twinkling lights that spring up in the darkness and shine, twinkle and pulsate with praise. Yes, what you are beholding are praising souls who are glorifying me from the heart – either in song, in supplication or in appreciation of all that I have made.”

All Creation is Praising God

“It is true that nothing should be a mystery to you, nothing. All things revert back to Me. But you have not yet heard the symphony of the stars, the crickets, the many waters, the fragrant winds. In each of these elements Creation praises Me and therefore I am now calling you all to a higher form of praise.”

Clare added, “you know, that’s interesting, because I felt that when I was sitting under the gigantic tree in our yard. I just felt the presence of the Lord so strong in the rustling of the leaves.” Jesus continued, “Worship Me in spirit and in truth like never before, but begin with a heart of thanksgiving, noticing all I have placed around you for your enjoyment. And the rustling of leaves as you walk by. Do you know they are clapping their hands? Marvel of marvels, they are praising Me who lives inside of you! Yes, they have intelligence and knowledge enough to worship. Have you not read, “The trees of the field will clap their hands?”

Isaiah 55:12You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

Psalm 98:8The rivers will clap hands together and the mountains will sing … and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

“Yes” Jesus said, “over and over again, all of Creation worships Me.”

Romans 8:19For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God. 20. For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope 21. the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. 22. For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.”

Jesus continued, “How could Creation suffer if it did not have any consciousness? It couldn’t. So you see, everything in union with man is expecting, anticipating liberation along with you. So, when you walk in the park or the forest and hear the rustling of leaves, you are hearing My Creation worshipping Me. Will you not join in and acknowledge them? Do you see? Your thanksgiving and worship are a part of everything I’ve made. There is nothing that does not sing out My praises.”

Psalm 19 “The Heavens proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.”

Clare added, “It’s interesting here, as an aside, it says ‘they have no speech and they use no words.’ Well, we know now that there are vibrations that can be turned into sound. And you can actually hear the music of the spheres, the music of the stars and the planets. We have the technology now to hear that, which we’ve never had before. And no doubt they are communicating the Glory of God to one another!

“And another Scripture that came to mind was: Revelation 14 “And I heard music from Heaven which resembled the sound of many waters and the roar of loud thunder; and the music which I heard was like that of harpists.”

Jesus continued, “So, My Brides, what I am telling you is happy is the soul who worships Me; great are the gifts to be showered on such a one as this. Come into My courts with praise and watch the doors of Heaven swing open and reveal My Presence in your midst… Allow the ebullient honey of My Love to pour over your weary souls, and bask in the fire of My presence. Allow Me to restore and equip you anew for the battles ahead, the challenges you face, things unheard of that I have already equipped you for.

“Yes, enter My Heart singing praises and allow Me to endow you with a spark from the eternal fires of My Love. And as you go out into the world, the fire of that love burns. It burns everything it comes in contact with. That is why Satan hates praise, hates musicians, and preeminently hates the intimacy we share in the chambers of My Heart. Protect this priceless gift and dwell with Me, for truly your God inhabits the praises of His People. “You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.” Psalm 22

“Keep your heart purely for Me. Tend to Me, Clare, meet My needs.”

Clare explained: “Jesus is talking about keeping Him company, just being there for the Lord above all other things. You know, there are conquests that we can go on, there are all kinds of things we can do for the Lord. But the one thing that He values so much, aside from setting the captives free, because that’s part of our job as Christians, is our company. Our loving company and being there, being present to Him.”

Jesus continued, “Your time in worship, listening to worship music, praising Me through the sunsets and the crickets and the snowflakes – worship and praise will elevate your minds even higher beyond the death that is everywhere in this world. Worship is simply recognising Who I am and thanking Me for My care and benefits. You can do that anywhere, anytime and I will respond by drawing you up into Myself.

“The music is very helpful when it is anointed to worship Me, but you don’t have to have music to worship. You don’t have to open your mouth – many times that will be inappropriate. Worship in spirit and in truth. Magnifying Me in your heart and mind – that, indeed, is worshipping in spirit and in truth. Sometimes opening your mouth makes you self-conscious and takes away from our deep communion.

“Worship as you are led, not as you think others say you should worship. You are not impressing anyone here. We are alone together in the sanctuary of your heart. No one is expecting a performance. I just want your gratitude and worship.”

You Have Abandoned Your First Love

Clare shared on another occasion that she had missed her close fellowship with Jesus terribly. She said, “Losing God and losing His Presence is everything. Just everything.” Jesus took her to Revelation, chapter 2, in which He had addressed the church in Ephesus: “These are the words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven golden lamp stands. I know your deeds, your labour and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate those who are evil, and you have tested and exposed as liars those who falsely claim to be apostles. Without growing weary, you have persevered and endured many things for my name, But this I have against you: You have abandoned your first Love. Therefore, keep in mind how far you have fallen! Repent and perform the deeds you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.” Revelation 2

Jesus began to speak, “Clare, there is never a moment I am away from your side. You are the one who drifts from Me, not I from you. There is too much busy work in your home. You need to run it like a cloister or you will never go where I want to take you. Less involvement with the world, My Precious. Less and less and less.

“Well, My love, you know I am no discriminator of persons. I have a great depth for each one of My Brides, but most never even approach it, let alone rest in it. You have been there many, many times – but your involvement with the house is distracting you… Enough is enough, and at this point it’s way too much. You will find great joy in My arms, Clare. Alone with Me is all you’ll ever need. How surprised I am that you do not avail yourself of that every moment of the day. If you would begin to practice that, seeing yourself held securely in My arms, you will see a change in your attitude from moment to moment. And you will go deeper with Me, much deeper.

“You will find more time to savour My presence and in that be transformed, going deeper into My love and heavenly provision for your spirit. The secret is to break-away. Most, including yourself, look forward to our times together as a sort of dessert after the main course of your duties everyday. May I say, you have it backwards? Your time with Me is the main course and the duties are on the periphery.

“This is the only way you will attain to that depth you are hungering for, My Love. Break away, break away… Continually throughout the day. Come to rest in My arms even when things are getting more and more hectic.”

Clare replied, “But Lord, how do I do that? When things get like that I begin to stress and push it to get it done and out of the way!”

“That’s what I am addressing right now.” Jesus replied. “I am the main meal. Those other things are simply appetisers, unappetising as they are to you. They are like the condiments on the table. But in My arms is where you will find your life and nourishment. Lose your life in the world to find Mine in Heaven.”

“Lord,” Clare replied, “I often think I would be happier in a much simpler environment.” But He answered me, “Practice simplicity in this environment, that’s the challenge. Oh, My Beloved, I ache for you as you ache for Me. There is not a moment of the day that I don’t long to see one sweet glance of your eyes. My heart soars when you look at Me with such longing. I hate to see confusion and stress tearing you away from Me. And this is the case with all of you, My Brides. How I long to see your searching eyes as they come in contact with Me, as you are looking for My presence.”

He continues, “This is the beauty of the eternal relationship we have. It exists outside the boundaries of space and time. It truly is eternal. Though your days are filled with time-consuming work, your relationship with Me is not subject to these same laws. This is why you can find Me at any moment by your side, drinking in the vision of the longing expression in your eyes and on your heart and mind. And My response is ever the same, ‘So…what’s keeping you from Me in this moment? Is it that important?’

“Today you got to the point where nothing was as important as seeking and finding Me. And I was there for you.” I answered Him, ‘Yes, I certainly did. When I got the Church at Ephesus, “Return to your first love.” That cut me so deeply I told everyone, ‘I’m going into prayer, and I’m not going to come out any time soon.’ And I came out a couple of hours later when everyone was gone.

Jesus continued, “I sent you that Rhema (anointed word that strikes you forcibly) because I missed you, Clare. I knew how you would take it. I knew you would immediately repent and seek My face. And you did not disappoint Me. I did not mean the harsh threat for you, dearest – I just wanted to call your attention to the fact that you were lapsing into more and more involvement with the world… again. And we both know what that eventually leads to…

“Yes, My delightful Brides, become so entwined and wrapped up in Me… Yes! Yes! I want to be your one and only distraction. You know what it feels like to fall in love and long for your Beloved. This is indeed how I long for you. But so few long for Me with that same intensity.

“Long for Me. Be distracted by Me. Be pulled away by Me – become forgetful of all around you by Me. This is the kind of love I ache to have from My Brides. As the saying goes, ‘Be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.’

“Yes, yes, I know… Your jobs, your duties – yes, they must be done. But remember back to a time when you had first fallen in love; your very first love. All you could do was long for that hour to come where the two of you would be together. This is the kind of love I long for from you.

“Oh, how beautiful the soul is that has cast aside the world to have this with Me. How perfectly their longing shall be rewarded, for there is not enough Heaven on Earth to give to such a one as this. Pray for this grace, My Blessed ones, pray much for this grace. And practise searching Me out with your spiritual eyes. Every moment of the day. And when our hearts touch, do your best to go away into a place of quietness and prayer, where we can dwell together and you can be regenerated. And I can be consoled by your love.”

There is a Price to Pay

“My people, if you want to draw closer to Heaven, you must learn to deny yourself and walk in self-denial. You cannot continue to feed the flesh and expect eternal rewards, for the flesh is in opposition to the Spirit and one cancels out the power of the other. So, if you want closer encounters with Me and with Heaven, deny yourselves some choice morsel and come into My presence stronger in resolve than ever. You must reach up and out of yourselves as you seek My fellowship and the sweetness of My presence.

“What price are you willing to pay, My beloved ones? What are you willing to deny yourself? The rich young ruler had done all the law commanded, but his heart was still with his possessions and future inheritance. The idea of disappointing his father was also something he could not even fathom… a slap in the face for his father’s years of planning and toil. Yes, relatives and security will keep you from your highest calling if you allow them to.

“I am calling you to press into My Heart. Dwell in My Heart. Do good wherever you find an opportunity, grow in virtue and fight against the temptations that assail you, even by calling your love for Me to mind. A demon cannot gain control of a heart that is full and running over with Love for Me.

“As you grow in virtue, I will begin to release to you the secret dreams of your heart. I will lead you with My Love and you will have a peace that is beyond what the world gives you, even in the lowliest of positions, even in the most difficult circumstances. You will have My peace. I will lead you step-by-step if you live in the present time according to My precious will. I know where I am leading you. In many cases, I have put a spark of love in your life for the very thing you will one day be doing. I will confirm it to you. I love to see the hopeless come to life when I breathe My promises into their hearts and minds So, My children, let me encourage you now, You have a very special destiny, each and every one of you. One that only you can fulfil – no one else can fulfil it. Seek Me until you find Me and I will reveal it to you. I bless you now with a hunger for Me and My calling.”

Clare added, “That’s built on intimacy with Him in prayer. It is a deep and abiding heart-relationship with your Creator and best friend. To worship and adore Him in spirit and in truth brings you into the throne room of His heart where all life and joy is manifested. Living for Jesus is the most wonderful adventure anyone on this Earth can have. It is supremely rewarding. And the sweetest thing you will ever experience in your life is His Love for you. As well as the deepest challenges and pain as you carry your cross the way He has asked you to. “Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me.” He will empower you every step along the way. He will protect, strengthen and complete the good work He has begun in you. Don’t be afraid to lay your life down at His feet and say, “Lord, whatever Your will is for my life, I give You my life to live.” And remember, He said: “He who would save his life will lose it, but he who will lose his life for My sake will find it.” Matt 16:25

Choosing Worship Songs, and Avoiding Distractions

Clare’s advice is to allow Holy Spirit to choose our worship songs. She says, “I discovered a wonderful way to help me in worship: to allow Holy Spirit to pick the songs. If you make a playlist with all your favourite songs on it, and put them in any order, it doesn’t matter. And then click on “shuffle”, the shuffle option in iTunes, Holy Spirit can pick the songs He wants. It’s very edifying, because I know when a song comes up, it’s what’s on His heart and mind. And He has surprised me with a few things – really sweet things that I just wasn’t expecting. So that’s a head’s up for all of us who use iTunes and have that shuffle option. Terry MacAlmon is a very anointed worship leader. Terry’s music, to me, is more like what heavenly worship service would be like – or is like.

Clare added, “For those of you who have a zillion distractions during worship and prayer, I have a couple of suggestions that work for me and really help. One is to keep a pencil and pad nearby and write down any “to do” things when you think of them and then go right back to prayer. A lot of times our mind is spinning, spinning, spinning and when it begins to slow down, forgotten things register suddenly in our minds like popcorn. Another suggestion is to ask the Lord to help you enter into, and at the same time refocus, on worship and prayer until you can finally connect with Him and He takes charge of your thoughts.”

Links: a few of my Favourite Songs

I find Terry MacAlmon’s anointed worship songs lift me up into the very heart of Jesus. Terry has understood the heart of worship in a particularly deep way. I have a number of his albums. My favourite is his ‘Live Worship from the World Prayer Center.’ YouTube has a good number of Terry MacAlmon’s songs. You could make your own playlist. Julie True is another of my firm favourites. Several of her albums are also on YouTube, and likewise Kari Jobe, and others.

The lyrics of Terry MacAlmon’s song, ‘This is the Time’ beautifully express how Holy Spirit is leading us in worship now: “This is the time when true worshippers will worship Him. These are the days when My Father’s ways will be known to men. This is the hour when the Spirit’s power will move again, all across the land, as we worship Him in spirit and in truth. Holy, holy, holy is Your name. Worthy, worthy let all the earth proclaim. Mighty, mighty, there is no God like You, and we worship You in spirit and in truth.”

Terry MacAlmon Worship Songs

For the Lord is Holy

Blessing and Honour

Agnus Dei

Julie True Worship Songs

Oh My Soul

I Need You Lord, Meet Me Here.

Healing in Your Presence

It has been found by secular therapists that when people needing help listen to Julie’s singing, they are greatly helped. In centres in various countries her music is being used. The presence of Jesus will come with healing power and restoration, for He deserves all glory!

May the Lord bless you and overwhelm you with new revelations and impartations. Jesus can heal you… He can! Let the Holy Spirit take you to the throne room in Heaven.


Note from So Greatly Loved

In this post there are excerpts from several messages given by Jesus to Clare du Bois. For information on the Still Small Voice channel on Vimeo visit the website: heartdwellers.org

Author: sogreatlyoved

I was born in England in the middle of WWII. I am a retired Spanish and French teacher, and in later years I became a Bible School lecturer. My husband and I have been very happily married for fifty-one years. We have three children and three grandchildren. The most important choice I made in my life was to ask Jesus Christ to come into my heart and be my Saviour. I was born again during my first term at university in 1961, after searching for the truth for several years. Jesus has brought me into a beautiful, close, intimate walk with Him and I chat to Him often throughout the day. When my husband and I took early retirement we worked as missionaries in India. We were privileged to see awesome healing miracles, and many lives transformed by the power of God. I have also worked for Jesus in Spain, France and South Africa. It is very much on my heart to write about the breathtakingly wonderful things I have seen Jesus do, and to encourage others to trust Him for themselves. The Lord has always been there for me through the almost sixty years I have known Him. He has never let me down, and His grace is always more than sufficient in times of need. Jesus shows His boundless love for me in so many ways. Truly, I am So Greatly Loved.

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