Lent Is A Time For Purifying

“Thank You, Lord for touching me, an untouchable because of my sins – my leprosy. Thank You, Lord, for not tossing me out into the wilderness to go about crying, “Unclean! Unclean!” Rather, You take me to Your bosom and I’m cleansed from head to toe, yet knowing there still lurk inside of me the seeds of uncleanness. Yet each day You take me to Yourself, and again I am cleansed and revived, given back hope for a life well lived. Thank You, precious Jesus. Thank You.”

“Well,” Clare continued, “that introduction kinda gives you an idea of what I’ve been going through. I’ve been on a journey into the areas of my life that need reformation, and they are indeed large and deep-seated. Just in time for Lent, a season set apart and sanctioned for purification and giving – which is the antidote for Avarice.

Lent is a time of introspection and a cleaning out the old to make room for the new.

Clare continued, “God has given us so many gifts! It is man that perverts, twists, and uses these good things for evil motives. We use the Internet to spread the Good News; Satan uses it to lure men into sin. We use cars to get from point A to point B; Satan makes them a status symbol, so men will give themselves over to excessive work and neglect their families to make money to afford them. We use a taxi to get to the doctor; a prostitute uses it to get to the bar where she will seduce men. Everything God has given us can be used for both good and evil. It is not the object or the season; it is the will and agreement of men that determines whether it is used for good or for bad intentions.

“The Lord has taught us to discern by looking at the fruits, and truly Lent is a very productive season as we cast out the old leaven in preparation for a new infilling. A lot of what has been going on with me has been seeing the stain of sin and selfishness.

“It began when I kept getting readings about repentance. I was puzzled, because I thought I was doing everything pleasing to Him. Especially that day. I became very frustrated and depressed, because He was saying there is sin to repent of–and I couldn’t put my finger on it. And I still can’t isolate one thing… yet I was begging Holy Spirit to reveal sin in my life to me.

“But then, in the course of three days – three painful days of feeling separation from the Lord – little things I never paid attention to popped up… Like wanting to buy vitamins I didn’t need yet. Being resentful for interruptions… Getting upset that I spilled a bottle of Aloe Vera Green Juice, rather than thanking God that I had it to drink. And having to repeat myself over and over again to certain individuals who were hammering me to yield to their preferences, when I had sought God and given them His best for the situation. Yet they still wanted more, and the next day – more after that.

“I felt a root of bitterness rising up from my gut that I must now deal with, and it is so extremely exhausting. Now I have a little taste of how Jesus feels when I ask Him for something, and He says “No.” And the next day I come back, having modified the request, and ask again… and again, and again, with all sorts of compromises and modifications. And the answer is still “No.” Thank you, Lord. I see what I put You through, now! I am so sorry. If it had been good for the purpose intended, He would have said “Yes” the first time. But I was dealing with my personal insecurities, self-will and needing to take control – to make it better with my ideas.

“I noticed temptations of Avarice, signs of Ungratefulness and Rancour. I was beginning to build a list in my mind. But none of these felt worthy (in my human perspective) of such severe readings on Sinfulness and Repentance that the Lord kept giving me in most of my Bible readings. So, my husband Ezekiel said, “Well, could this be about repenting for the world?” And boy, would I love to brush it off to that! I said, “No, Honey, I don’t think so. I really sense this is about me and something I’m blind to.” These readings and ‘words’ were something you would hear if you were having an adulterous relationship – not minor things that I was already resisting. He talked about the man with leprosy being cleansed and ‘sickness’ in the form of obsessive-compulsive behaviour, and worldly desires.

“So, in the course of three days, I did see tendencies. I think I would call them wrinkles in my wedding gown. They were deep-seated habits and attitudes that were not pleasing to God. Even though I didn’t out-right exercise them, they were there. But what hurt and confused me so much was that I hadn’t done anything. But I did feel the impulse to do it and suppressed it. Yet the Lord was insisting that I needed to repent. For three days I grieved over this and begged Him to reveal to me what I had done.

“Then His Mercy broke through and I realised: there is a bedrock tendency in me to allow myself many vices that easily turn into sin. Like wasting time at the end of a hard day and watching a couple of YouTubes. So, I added that to my list. I began to see that beneath this veneer of being a ‘good Christian’ were some serious faults that still exerted influence in my day-to-day life. Even though I was resisting them, they were still there, and they had an influence. I am sure there is much more, and I thank Him for not showing me everything! Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if some big things came up towards the end of Lent.

Lent is a time to get rid of the old yeast

“And I can see, by examining my own life right now, that He takes Lent very seriously. So I pass that on to you to encourage you to deny yourself during this season and do works of charity for others. Abstain from desserts and pleasing foods as well as meat and poultry on Fridays. Fish and dairy are good substitutes. I think it is best to give the Lord as much as you can with an attitude of thanksgiving. You know you can never out-give the Lord… ever.

“To make a point, Ezekiel – before he was saved – was in sin. He knew he was going to hell, so he just figured he’ll deal with that when it happens. But for some reason, a spark inside of him decided to abstain from sodas for Lent. At the end of Lent he had a marvellous conversion experience that was the beginning of his life in God.

A Little More Information on Lent

During the 40 days of Lent, Christians remember the time when Jesus went into the desert to fast and pray. But also, the focus is on giving, sacrificing for the poor while denying yourself. Jesus said, “If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross and follow Me.”

By observing the 40 days of Lent, Christians replicate Jesus’ sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. And we fast from both food and festivities. The thing to remember, dear ones, is that this is a time of emptying so that we can be refilled by the Spirit of God, with holy things. The more we draw away from feeding the fancies of the flesh, the deader our flesh becomes, the less influence it exerts over us, and the more we grow in sensitivity to spiritual things. Therefore we can expect that at the end of a well-observed Lent, there will be spiritual breakthroughs, and maybe even the grace to live a far more spiritual life than what we were living.”

Suggestions for what to give up for Lent.

· Is this something I like?

· Is this something I enjoy doing/eating?

· Is this something that’s important to me?

· Do I think this will be a challenge throughout Lent?

· Will I appreciate this when I can have/do it again on Easter?

· Am I giving this up because I have to (someone is making me), or because I want to?

· Is this a true sacrifice?


If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions, you’ve chosen an excellent Lenten sacrifice (This interesting little list is from Wikipedia).

Clare asked Jesus, “Lord, have You something to add?”

Jesus began, “Oh, the influence and power a pure soul has before My Father in Heaven. Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see shall Me.

“Dear Children, this season is most necessary for you, because you accumulate the toxins of the world. They cling to you like barnacles on a ship. The longer you’ve been in the world, the greater the build-up of attractions and distractions of the world. And the more impurity you build up.

“As you can see from the Gospels, even I felt the necessity of cleansing Myself from 30 years of living in the world, yet not being of the world. And My mother is not of this world. Rather, she is a most heavenly woman, completely caught up in the agenda of Heaven and leading others to holiness.

“She had quite a reputation for being very innocent and pure. As a young one, she practised the abstinences of the Temple as she was growing. Because of her tender age, she was not required to do what the priests did. However, zeal for Heaven was so great in her young soul that she hungered to dwell in the Heavenlies and was given many Heavenly visions that only served to make her more dedicated as she grew up.

“Her home had not a hint of the world – not in speech, nor in dress, nor in necessary things. All was very plain and did not attract you to itself. Whereas in a palace, everything from the floor to the curtains and the furniture, lamp stands, etc. is lavish and decorated in such a way that you could not walk through the palace without stopping to admire the workmanship of so many beautiful objects.

“You see, this beauty on Earth begets a hunger for more beauty on Earth–and one begins to long after fine carvings, gemstones, marble floors, silk curtains and elaborate clothing. The most elaborate thing she ever did was My one-piece tunic.

“But herein lies the entire secret of her holy life. She surrounded herself with nothing other than the plainest pots and bowls, mats and utensils. She had no longing for these things, because she starved it out of her soul. Anne and Joachim, her parents, also lived an austere life, because their hearts were very much turned Heavenward. They had lived and seen so much of the world, it had no appeal to them at all.

“And this is why I came to Earth in poverty. There was nothing in My appearing that would appeal to the carnal man. It would be the shepherds, fishermen, and carpenters that were attracted to Me, because their hearts were empty of the desires and glories of man on Earth.

“Substance is everything. The outer appearance means nothing if the inside is not Godly.

“And so I began My ministry by depriving My flesh, so it would let go of the accumulated sights and sounds of the past, wanting only to be free of all Earthly entanglements. This cleansing subdued My flesh, so I could be more deeply united with My Father.

“Truly the flesh is a briar patch, and you cannot walk through this world without attracting thorns and thistles to yourself. And this time, completely apart from human and worldly consolations, broadened the space of My flesh to receive more and more of the Spirit.”

Clare said, “In other words, I think He’s meaning here that His flesh was under the control of His Spirit more and more.

Jesus continued, “That is why this spring cleansing has so much spiritual significance. My dear ones. I wish to fill you more and more. I wish to direct your lives out of this world and into the world soon to come, just as I led the Israelites out of the abundance of exotic foods into the desert with only Manna to eat. It was to be a cleansing from the accumulated toxins of the Egyptian culture with all its idols.

“There I tested and tried the people to see if they were worthy to enter the Promised Land. Your Promised Land is the Realm of Heaven and I am preparing you for the journey Homeward.

“Yet, there is work to be done on Earth, and each of you needs a new vision in understanding, equipping, and opportunities to leave the very best of yourselves behind to nourish those yet to enter the Kingdom. So, I am coming to you to entreat you to observe the Lenten fasts to the best of your ability, while steadily looking forward to the new infillings and equippings I will infuse into your souls as you make more and more room for Me.

“For some of you, this will be very difficult. Clare, My darling, I know you fear these challenges. Yet I will help you, all of you. Call out to Me when you struggle and I will gently lead you out of your trial.

“For all of you, Heart Dwellers, I exhort you to do your best, knowing that for each pleasing morsel you give up, I have spiritual gifts and mantles accumulating for you, which I have longed to lavish on you, My Beautiful Bride.”

Note from So Greatly Loved

This very frank testimony of Clare’s, and the message from Jesus about searching our hearts and repenting, are both challenging and uplifting. In my blog, in addition to many articles the Lord specifically asked me to write, I share from time to time words given by Jesus to Clare du Bois. She encourages us to share them because the teachings from the Lord are relevant to, and needed by, most Christians. These words from Jesus are received through the gift of prophecy (see 1 Corinthians chapter 12). To learn more, check out the Still Small Voice channel on the Vimeo app, where there are more than 1,000 videos.

Search the website: heartdwellers.org

Further thoughts on Lent

The season of Lent can be an immense spiritual blessing to us if we ask Jesus to help us to observe it in the way that most pleases Him. It is a gift to all Christians and not only for Catholics. I’m not Catholic, but this year I am making a greater effort, and I’m already benefiting from doing what Jesus is leading me to do. There are many ways in which the Lenten season can be a time of significant spiritual breakthrough for us.

There are various ways in which we can deny ourselves by cutting down on food during Lent. It is not too late to begin, and Jesus will reward even the smallest effort we make to deny ourselves.

Here are more ideas we can consider following. Jesus will bless us for making even one sacrifice.

May God richly bless you as you endeavour to spend more time with Him.

Awesome Visits to Heaven During Communion

These are recent testimonies from some of the Heart Dwellers Prayer Warriors team during their own personal Lord’s Suppers.

The Lord has been teaching us clearly that it is His express desire that we ALL celebrate Communion with Him, every day. Here is an excerpt from one of our videos:

Jesus began, “You, My Bride, must be nourished on My Body and My Blood as well. This is our point of physical union: the bread becomes a part of you physically, and because of that, you and I become One. You are fruitful and bear spiritual children, as well as being strengthened for the journey.

“I want each of you to design your own communion service using, the Last Supper as your guide. To the degree that you believe, to that degree I will be present to you [emphasis mine].

“As things become darker and darker, I want to strengthen you completely in every possible way. The reception of My Body and Blood is one of many ways, but profoundly important to Me.”

Jesus then quoted from John 6:47-51, “Very truly I tell you, the one who believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life. Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, yet they died. But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which anyone may eat and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats this bread will live forever. This bread is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.”

“I long to be received into the heart of My Bride. I long to share this communion with you. I long that we should be One in every possible way. Do not deny Me access to your bodies through communion. Do not abstain from receiving Me because you have fallen. It is the sick that need communion the most. First, confess to Me what you have done, sincerely from the heart repenting, and then you may receive.”

Just after that message from Jesus, Clare wrote ‘Communion Service, Very Simple.’ In this, she laid out a very easy-to-follow pattern for people to use, for those who would like to celebrate with the Lord in an honouring way. This teaching can be found, along with all the other teachings we have about Communion, in an Album on Vimeo called ‘Communion.’

Go to https://vimeo.com/albums/5529468

Experiences during Communion

Recently Clare shared an email with the Prayer Warriors. One of our men had written to her to share his experience with the Lord during communion. This was his account:

“I have to say, the instructions you sent for the Lord’s Suppers are a great blessing! I have made a new devotion to the Lord with it. I have, with His TREMENDOUS grace, devoted my mornings to Him. It has been SUCH a blessing to me, you will only know in Heaven. I have met many of the great Saints during the ‘hug’ section. It is truly true that the Saints in Heaven attend our Celebrations. But the most precious thing of all has been the closeness I now feel with Jesus.

“Did I say thank you already? THANK you for obeying our Lord Jesus in helping us see Him as He truly is, the tender Bridegroom, the purest Lover ever, the most amazing, kind, gentle, strong, loving Husband and God and Lover ever and ever.”

He went on to talk about his visit to Heaven then:

Children in Heaven

“I had a beautiful experience today. Jesus took me to Heaven, and I was flooded with little children. I would say they were as tall as my leg, barely over my knees. They all thanked me for praying for them… I soon got to see a LOT more, each running to other persons as I was there… I think they liked us so much that they took our names for themselves. I had been praying for aborted children to be baptized in the water and blood of Jesus that gushed from His side. Could there be a correlation there?”

Clare circulated Sam’s email and wrote, “Heart Dwellers, the Lord’s Suppers are not meant to rival mass on the Internet or in churches. They are given primarily as a powerful tool to get closer to the Lord and make your prayers more powerful. Sam has truly connected and I’m thrilled. So much wonderful fruit will come from this. It has become SO simple, simple enough for all.”

Soon there were even more replies from the Prayer Warriors, with more precious experiences with the Lord. One of the women wrote:

Dear Sam,

“I could HUG you… I really could! Thanks to your awesome testimonial, I’ve moved on a bit.

“Yesterday, although I didn’t see anything during my Lord’s Supper, I was aware of Saint Padre Pio walking up to me and saying that he is praying for me…

“But today, I was really THERE! I saw Jesus sitting down and there were lots and lots of very young children rushing around, excited to be with Jesus. Some came up to me, but I didn’t hear any of them speak. Standing near Jesus was Saint Padre Pio holding a little child in his arms and smiling. It was very clear, as though I was really THERE — not at all hazy, like visions can be for me.

“I pondered on what made it different today. One thing that may have helped is that I was so relaxed — chatting to the Saints during my Lord’s Supper and telling them how I appreciate their prayers for those I’m praying for, and adding how much I would love to see them.

“I’m sharing this because your beautiful testimony made such a difference to me, and hopefully mine will help someone, too. I was RELAXED… EXPECTING something to happen… and EXCITED. Anyway, it worked for me.”

And then one of the other men wrote:

A truly awesome experience

“This morning while I was in Dwelling prayer, I saw the Lord hanging on His Cross. I was at His feet, kissing and washing them. The song ‘Let Your Pain Touch My Pain,’ was playing in the background.

“I floated up to Him and embraced all His bloody torso, warmly. His Blood flowing copiously over me. Soon, I was up next to Him, nailed on my own cross to His left. Holy Spirit was upon me very strongly during all of this. I have been carrying a cross of sadness for lost souls the Lord is grieving over, that we have been interceding for.

“Later on, while celebrating the Lord’s Supper, many Saints were present. Saints Francis, Faustina, and Lawrence of the Resurrection (He is a French Carmelite Lay brother from the 7th century)… they were all among them. Our Lady was with us, as well. Jesus and I were in the center. He was still a bloody pulp in my arms.

“As we (Mary, the Saints, and I) prayed for the lost, and for His Church, and for the Heart Dwellers, I saw myself taking a balm with two fingers of my right hand and applying it to each of His wounds—which stopped bleeding and closed it up. And then I would wash them with water. When I got to the Crown of Thorns, I was given a bottle of fragrant ointment, which I poured over His head, and the thorny Crown dissolved.

“After washing His head, hair, and face, I received Him (in Communion) and we all joined our hands in worship and thanksgiving. And He was raised up, Glorious and Shining, with a great smile on His face. (Which is I usually how see Him.) And we held each other, turning slowly in Heaven, among the clouds.

“He takes such comfort from us, Family. Our love for Him and for others through prayer and charity is a balm, and the washing of His wounds.”

Next, one of the women wrote. This one goes a little off the subject of the Lord’s Supper, but it’s a powerful testimony to how we can re-enter ANY time in His life here on Earth and be with Him. Especially the hours of His Passion.

She began, “It was a while ago, but I told Him I would keep Him company in the prison before His crucifixion. And I could see Him clearly. He was sitting on a kind of cold slab. The soldiers didn’t see me, and they were taunting Him. I sat so close to Him and put my arms around Him, and His head was bent some. I could sense He was suffering so much, in a lot of pain; they must have beaten Him all the more.

“He just had me stay there with Him with my arms around Him holding Him close to me, trying to comfort Him as best I could. It wasn’t a long vision. Just enough that I was glad that I could afford Him some consolation. I don’t even think we spoke any words, because we really didn’t need to. We just had to be close to each other, and I just had to hold Him.”

The email continued, “Jesus said once to Gabrielle Bossis, in the book ‘He and I‘, “Visit Me in My day...” Since He sees Time all in one glance, you can be with Him in Gethsemane, which He really, really loves. I’ve been there, too, with Him—holding Him as I know others have. And this is for just everyone to do!

“So, don’t hesitate to just go back in His time in your imagination, this gift that He gave us, (our imaginations) that we can be with Him in any way that we can imagine. And He just feels everything for real. For instance, He said (again, this is from the book ‘He and I’) “Take My hand, Gabrielle. Come be with Me in the Garden as if it’s that very night. Even though I am God, I am very distressed, and your presence is comforting to Me. Oh, how I need the presence of My loved ones around Me!’”

“How wonderful it is that He allows us to touch Him this way! It is so sweet to let us know that WE are a balm and comfort to Him—just as He is to us. How precious is this Love He gives us— to cherish and hold in return! There are just are no words…”

If we love Jesus with all our heart He will not allow the enemy to deceive us

Maybe you are sceptical about the visits to Heaven that some are experiencing nowadays during their personal, daily Lord’s Supper? This is of God! The enemy would never have anything to do with something that brings us so very much closer to Jesus and strengthens our faith.

First of all, in our individual Lord’s Suppers we spend time in worship, then we search our hearts in depth, and repent of all known sin before we begin our Communion. We know that imagination is a gift we have all been given. We think prayerfully about Jesus, longing to see Him, and the Holy Spirit does the rest. Our hearts are His, our will is His, and there is nothing coming between us and our Lord. He will never allow us to make a mistake.

In June 2017, I was rushed to hospital by ambulance in the middle of the night. I had to have an emergency operation; they told me later that I could have died. My fellow prayer warriors were in prayer for me. As I thought about Jesus, loving Him in my heart, I saw Him come and sit on my hospital bed day after day, looking lovingly at me. Oh, those eyes of love and compassion… I’m lost for words.

Jesus is still suffering today

Abortion is breaking His heart. He feels the excruciating pain of babies who are literally torn limb from limb in their mothers’ womb. Those who survive an attempted abortion are given no medical attention whatsoever and are left to die in agony in a bucket. Their cries must be heartbreaking to hear. Jesus knows what those babies were destined to be. Furthermore, He sees the sons and daughters who would have been born to them, and that their destinies had been denied them too. His tender heart is utterly broken.

The barbaric trafficking of young children, who die very soon from their horrendous internal injuries, is also breaking the heart of our Lord.

Jesus also weeps over the terror and excruciating pain of the many victims of satanic sacrifice, kept in the dark for days on end and given no food. Then they are tortured prior to being murdered and offered in sacrifice to Satan.

Likewise, Jesus grieves over the victims of domestic violence… over the murderers… over the suffering of the homeless and starving… over the extortioners and the drug addicts… the list is endless. Yes, without a shadow of a doubt Jesus is still suffering today; He longs for us to console Him and has told us so.

Notes from So Greatly Loved

‘Let Your Pain Touch My Pain’

This beautiful song, referred to in one of the testimonies, was written by Ezekiel du Bois:

Echoes in my mind, mirrors back in Time. Spirits yet entwined, softly speaking. Embers in my soul, layers yet unfold, Hearts are open wide calling Your name.

Let your pain touch My pain.

Let your wounds touch My wounded heart. Let your dying touch My dying.

Let your pain touch My pain.

Let your wounds touch My wounded heart. Let your dying touch My dying.

And be healed.

Passions fall away, living for today.

Garden filled with grace quietly waiting. Banquet of your love, flowing from your side. Marriage bed of suffering for Your Bride.

Let your pain touch My pain.

Let your wounds touch My wounded heart. Let your dying touch My dying.

Let your pain touch My pain.

Let your wounds touch My wounded heart. Let your dying touch My dying.

And be healed.

Let Your pain touch My pain.

Let your wounds touch My wounded heart. Let your dying touch My dying.

Let your pain touch My pain.

Let your wounds touch My wounded heart.

Let your dying touch My dying.

And be healed. And be healed. And be healed.


He and I’

This book, which is referred to above and is one of my own favourite books, is the Journal written by Gabrielle Bossis (1874-1950) in which she shared her own personal experiences with Jesus. She was a French Catholic, and a successful career woman, who had an exceptionally close walk with Jesus. Her frequent encounters with Him are beautifully recorded in this inspiring book; it frequently sells out at Amazon. French speakers may be interested to know that ‘He and I’ is available in the original French, ‘Lui et Moi.’

Intel Update: Potentially A Most Serious Situation

We must pray against the arming of Biological Weapons with Dead Man’s Switch.

Lord, we know that You control all things and we Trust in You. Please help us to pray faithfully, fast as You lead us, and give offerings willingly to cooperate in disabling this latest threat to our country and our whole world. Amen.

Our Intel source has sent an alert to us, and we at Heart Dwellers are issuing a call to prayer, offering, and fasting. This is a potentially most serious situation.

Apparently, “a ‘dead man’s switch’ is a switch that is designed to be activated if the human operator becomes incapacitated, such as through death, loss of consciousness, or being bodily removed from control. On a simple level, for instance, if you passed out or had a heart attack while you were running your riding lawn mower, it would stop—instead of plowing on in spite of you. Though originally applied to switches on a vehicle or machine, it has since come to be used to describe other intangible uses, like in computer software.”

Our Intel Source explained in his letter to us: “In the world of computers and the devices they are programmed to operate, the concept of a dead man’s switch is that it is activated by inaction. For example, if a password is entered daily, the switch remains off. But if no one enters the password, the switch is then activated — and whatever the device or weapon the program is holding back is then released.”

He continued, “There are three such Dead Man’s switches here in the US that are monitoring bio-weapons. These weapons have been placed near the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore, MD area, Sacramento, CA, and Seattle, WA.

“These bio-weapons, once released, would cause China to launch nukes on these areas and then blame Russia (who has nothing to do with this) so the ‘clay feet’ can begin WWIII and avoid their arrest. All of this will plan out in the next 6-7 weeks.”

Easter is at the end of 7 weeks from the time we received this.

Our Source finished the letter, “We should pray against this every single day and ask God to reveal the locations of these devices, along with the ability and the wisdom to disarm them. And of course, that they will not go off.

“If one of these switches goes off, millions of people will die. President Trump is trying to take out the ‘clay feet’ without these bio-weapons going off. And our prayers will help make a great difference.”

So, let us all rise up for the Kingdom again, dear Heart Dwellers, and join our petitions to the Father’s will. As Jesus has asked us to ask Him: pray for More Time, More Grace, More Mercy, Father – until the very last moment You are able to give us to help gather in Your Children. Amen

Note from So Greatly Loved

As a Heart Dweller, and member of our Still Small Voice Prayer Warrior team, I have seen on a number of occasions over the last few years how committed intercession with fasting has turned dire situations around and the impossible has become possible as our Heavenly Father was moved by our tears. There are millions of intercessors who are praying into this horrendous threat to the world. Please pray along with us. The future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.

Are You Listening?

What loving Father never speaks to his children? God is speaking to us all the time, yet so many of His children don’t hear Him because they do not expect to hear Him speaking to them.

In my own case it was more than five years after I was born again before I heard the Lord speaking to me personally for the first time. Five long years of total silence!!! Some of you will be shocked by so long a delay. Others may not yet realise that Jesus is simply longing to share His heart with each one of us. We are all equally special to Jesus, so why did I have to wait so long? It was simply because no one had ever told me that Jesus wanted to speak to me, so I was not expecting Him to speak. As soon as a friend told me the truth, I asked Jesus to speak to me and He did so straightaway, and He has been speaking to me every day since then.

As we grow in the Lord it becomes a beautiful, ongoing conversation, what some call ‘direct connection’ — Jesus says something… you reply… Jesus adds something else… you respond, maybe with a question this time… back and forth, back and forth like a normal conversation between two best friends enjoying spending time together.

As Jesus fellowships with us in this way, He opens up the Scriptures and our hearts are set on fire by His love. Things that were previously misunderstood may instantly become crystal clear. It’s like moving from Black and White to HD at the flick of a switch! This reminds me of the two disciples whom Jesus met on the Emmaus Road on the morning of His Resurrection.  They failed to recognise Jesus – after all, few of His disciples probably believed that He would rise from the dead and these two were grieving inconsolably. “Their eyes were opened and they knew him” when Jesus had taken the bread, blessed it, broken it and given it to them. At that point He vanished out of their sight. It is recorded that “they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the Scriptures?” Luke 24:13-32.

How do we hear the voice of Jesus?

It is not an audible voice that we hear, but rather it comes as a series of loving, connected thoughts inspired by the Holy Spirit. There’s nothing to fear: it will always be 100% in agreement with Scripture. Sometimes Jesus may remind us to spend more time worshipping Him… or perhaps He needs to correct us… or maybe He has a new assignment for us to work on for Him… or a reminder to pray for some needy person we know, and to phone them to show that we care.

At the Last Supper, Jesus taught much on the Holy Spirit. He said in John 14:21 “He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself [= reveal, show, appear] to him.”

As we press on into Jesus’ heart of love for us in simple childlike faith, the Holy Spirit opens our spiritual eyes to see Jesus. This is most likely to happen during a period of prolonged worship, basking in His presence, pouring out our love to our Saviour. We may see Him in the spirit every day, or perhaps it will be from time to time. This is a genuine and truly life-changing experience. Once we have seen the love in the eyes of Jesus we can never forget them — never.

We must not allow ourselves to be put off by unscriptural and unspiritual naysayers! Satan wants to steal all that he can from us. He does not want us to be blessed. The Spirit of Truth will always lead us into the truth. Any experience that brings us closer to Jesus, and helps us to become more like Him, is from God, and not from the enemy!

Does God still speak audibly nowadays?

Yes, on occasion God does speak in an audible voice today. However, in our day, this is the exception rather than the rule. Throughout the Old Testament we read that God spoke audibly to His chosen leaders and prophets. And in the New Testament, Saul of Tarsus was stopped in his tracks by seeing “a light from heaven” and hearing the audible voice of the Lord saying to him, “Saul, Saul, Why persecutest thou me?” as he travelled to Damascus to persecute the Christians there. The Lord then spoke to Ananias (who did not seem in the least fazed by hearing the voice of the Lord) and told him to help Saul because he was a chosen vessel, and His hand was upon him (Acts chapter 9).

In the following chapter, the Apostle Peter was granted a vision of “all manner of fourfooted beasts of the earth, and wild beasts, and creeping things, and fowls of the air” and he heard the Lord audibly say, “Rise, Peter; kill and eat.” The Lord spoke audibly to Peter three times to convince him that it was His will for non-Jews (Gentiles) to be welcomed into the church. We can learn from these examples that an audible voice was heard at a time of a significant change of direction.

I know a missionary who received her call to the mission field during a conference. The subject was ‘Missions’ on that particular evening. She heard the voice of God audibly say “Will you go?” This was immediately before the meeting started, and the nine hundred delegates had been asked to be in an attitude of prayer until the speaker came to the platform. All heads were duly bowed. She describes the voice she heard as majestic, awesome in power and volume, and unlike any voice she had ever heard. She looked up to see where the voice was coming from, fully expecting to see everyone else looking around them in astonishment too, but they had evidently heard nothing as they were still praying with their heads bowed. That was her personal missionary call.

Note from So Greatly Loved

The Lord has no favourites. All those who are His are equally precious to Him and He wants to draw each one of us deeper into His loving heart. If you are longing to hear Jesus speaking to you, it is helpful to begin by listening to some praise and worship music for a while… waiting on Him, and telling Jesus how much you love Him. It is a good idea to have pen and paper to hand so that you can make a note of the beautiful thoughts that will come to you. Allow yourself plenty of time – don’t be in a rush. Pour out your heart to Jesus. Tell Him you would love to know Him better, to enjoy a deeper walk with Him and to hear Him speak to you. Think about Jesus and how very much He loves you, then start to write down the thoughts that come to you during this prayer time. Many Christians do this every day in their quiet time. There are beautiful prayer journals available in which we can write down the encouraging, uplifting thoughts that will come to us from the Lord. Don’t expect to write pages and pages when you first start out. Just one short sentence can be so very precious.

Wrap The Lost In The Blanket Of My Love

“I’m right here by your side, My Love, and I do want to draw you far away from the world and way high up into My Heart”

Clare was enjoying a beautiful time worshipping the Lord. She pondered, “It’s funny, every time I would worship I would feel like I was tucked up under His arm and I was just kind of disappearing into His heart. I kept having this feeling all night long, and all day long too, that that was my place, right there beside His heart, and that every time I was worshipping, somehow I entered into that heart and just about disappeared in His Love.”

Jesus continued, “In My Heart is that place of fullness where I exchange your weakness for My Strength, your ignorance for My Wisdom, your laziness for My Commitment, your fears for My Faith. Up, up and away high into the habitation of My Heart, out of harm’s way, in that place where none can disturb or disrupt.

“When you worship in this way I have given to you, your soul is drawn along as if on a conveyor belt. I draw you with cords of love into the secret high place where all eventualities are realities. You exchange your limited human time for My eternal, endless time, in which I see the completed majesty of My creation.

“This supernatural exchange of energies from the Divine Wellsprings of Life are what I wish to fill all My Brides with, that they may walk in victory until I take them up and away with Me. The challenges of your corrupted world overpower ordinary humanity. Nothing that is grounded in the world can stand, all must have its foundations in solid rock. That is My will, My empowerment, My Love. And tucked away, securely, hidden in the Vine, putting forth the sweet fruit of Divine Love.

“In this world all turns bitter. In Heaven all turns sweet. As you walk in this life grounded in Me, this sweetness is exuded into your grapes from deep within Me. These choice clusters are readily identified by those who know the voice of their Shepherd and another they will not follow.

“In these times, I am calling, calling, calling out in Love to those who have departed from the way, to those who have never known the way. Amidst a sea of bitterness I am offering the sweetness of My Love, something never before experienced. My focus is not on punishment but Love, for Love is the last call to the rebellious and uninformed. The sweet melody of love is unmistakably different than the harsh crassness of the world. This Divine Fragrance touches that tender place within a soul that has yet to be filled. Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. [Matthew 18:3]

“The simplicity of the Gospel can never be improved upon by the intellect of man. It only sows confusion and pride. That is why I prefer simple things best, things that bypass the intellect and lodge in the heart like a dart tipped with a drop of My sacrificial love. Once that finds its way into a man’s heart, he knows right from wrong, good from evil and that is when the poison of self-will can do the most damage.”

At this point, Jesus answered Clare’s unspoken question: “What am I getting at? Your channel is about that simple love. It reveals how very simple, tender and approachable I am. This is by My design, for I wish to reach inside souls and bypass all the religious traps and mazes that have so hindered conversions. I want to provide a straight line to love. I want to nourish and suckle the little ones directly from My own Divine Breast, without the posturing and learning of men. Charity edifies, Knowledge puffs up and Pride precedes a fall.

“The way to My heart is straight and narrow. These other things are there only to direct the soul into My arms and a Divine Union of wills. But men have made them an end in themselves and have devised a million ways to detour humanity from My simple and direct love. As a result, so many do not make it into My arms but are turned away in confusion.

“I want to go back to the simplicity of the gospels, the witness of My Miracles, and the kind of love that does not exist in the world. I am calling to the Lost with My Love. You are all ambassadors of love, a rare quality, one that only thrives in the Garden of My Love where you daily come to bask in My transforming presence.

“I am calling you all to simple Brotherly Love. Please put aside rhetoric and squabbling over doctrines. It is so easy to be caught in the trap of Pride and Learning, but so very challenging to skip on past needless disputes and answer with love and graciousness, dwelling together in one accord on Earth even as it is in Heaven. I am not asking you to compromise, not in the least. But, I am asking you to use the superior tools for conversion: Love…not endless doctrinal arguments and disputes that only reveal the hypocrisy in My Church.

“Love one another as I have loved you. Yes, this I will bless, this will reap the bumper crop and My storehouse will be full. Go forth now in humility and wrap each soul in the tender blanket of My Love. There they will find shelter from the relentless storms of confusion. There they will find rest. Bring them to Me, I long to embrace the lost. Tenderly bring them to Me.”

God’s Judgment To Fall On Pro-abortion Adherents: Sequel to ‘Free To Be Born?’

The Lord is so broken over these murderous laws the states are passing. He said, “My people, laws you are signing into existence are tragedy beyond your reckoning. This is forcing the Father’s hand… Sodom and Gomorrah. For those of you who care, please come to My side and hold Me, stroke My hair and comfort Me. Weep with Me, My people. Weep also for yourselves, for great is the calamity My Father will allow for this heinous crime.

“Everyone involved in this practice, from the doctors, to the hospital, to those who make arrangements for disposal of these children —everyone who touches this is guilty of first-degree murder. If you work in a hospital where this is going on, leave and find other work. The judgment of the Father is hanging heavily over those who permit this in their hospitals.

“You are turning this nation into a nation of vampires, where soon anyone will be able to purchase blood — the blood of newborns. It is already a fact on the black market. It started out with the Elites but has spread throughout your government as Satan harvests the blood of innocents in retaliation for shutting down child-trafficking rings and building a wall to prevent smuggling victims across the borders.

“I cannot even begin to tell you the consequences of these crimes. Pray that your President acts immediately to stop this butchery. Pray that he exhausts every possible course of action to shut this down, or these places will be no more.

“You lawmakers who have signed this into existence, wail and mourn — for your time is coming and there is no escape from it. Your place in Hell is secure unless you repent of this evil and work to overturn these laws.

“The life you look forward to for your children is in jeopardy for your criminal slaughter of My children, whom I brought into this world to bless. You will find the Asian, the Arab, the African, and Native and Hispanic population will change the face of this nation as their families increase and mature. They will come to maturity and govern with Godly values. And those of you who care nothing for life will be in the minority and under their rule in America.

“I will bless those who honor the sanctity of life. I will cover them and their families with extraordinary protection, and they will multiply and flourish.

“But for you who murder My children from the womb, God’s judgment is upon you and your future generations. Those who honor the sanctity of life, I shall bless and protect. I am warning you, that unless you repent and change these laws, judgment will indeed fall upon your house and beyond to your future generations.

“My People, pray for your President. Pray for your lawmakers. Pray for a complete reversal of this crime against humanity. Pray the whole world outlaw abortion. And as you stand for them, I will stand for you, and your children I will save.” – Jesus


Note from So Greatly Loved

This is the full text of the serious prophetic word of warning given by Jesus to Clare du Bois on February 14, 2019. Millions of prayer warriors worldwide are in intercession for the safety and protection of President Donald Trump as he takes a bold, unwavering stand against the heinous crimes of abortion, child-trafficking rings and the other outrageous crimes against humanity in the United States. Donald Trump is hated by many in his own nation for carrying out his election campaign PROMISE to “Drain the Swamp.”

The Fragrance That Draws Me To Your Heart

Jesus said, “Nothing displeases My Father more than ingratitude. Taking your lives for granted, taking your gifts for granted by not investing them wisely, taking your health, sustenance and relatives for granted—as well as all I have provided you with. And it is a fact: the richer you get, the more you take for granted. That is another reason why poverty is so very dear to Me.

“When I tell you it is a rough time ahead, I’m letting you in on a secret, so that you will be prepared to generously offer to Me every inconvenience, every pain, every lack. Those who live this way are approaching sainthood. It is not prosperity that makes a soul great, but how he handles adversity. This is the great danger for a society that becomes prosperous and decadent. Even as history confirms, this society is nearing its end.

“The poor you will have with you always, and I chose a poor existence to manifest to you. This elevates poverty and distinguishes the lowly and humble. ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.’ I did not say this lightly. And you will note that every Beatitude runs contrary to popular opinion and culture. This was a deliberate play on words to draw your attention to the most valued state of a soul.

“The choice is yours to make. I chose a feeding trough for My bed, and never rested in the beautiful one Joseph had crafted for Me. I chose to live on the run and bear the persecution criminals endure for their misdeeds. From the manger to the Cross, I made Myself the lowliest among men, to teach you the safest route to holiness.

“But My children, if you want to find favour with God, you must learn to rejoice in all adversity. Rather than running from it, run to kiss it, and embrace it—recognising it as a precious cross I have tailor-made for you. When you embrace this cross with kisses, you are declaring your love for Me and for My children. And nothing brings Me more joy than to see you completely formed in My image, with a heart full of love and compassion, and a healthy disregard for those things the world runs after.

“Those who choose to blame God, and others, for all their misfortunes are creating a massive bondage in their hearts. When you receive a bitter seed, which Satan scatters abroad, hoping you will receive… it goes down into the chambers of your heart and slowly puts out paralysing tentacles that wrap the heart and entangle it, cutting off the circulation of your life’s blood to the rest of the body. The longer you persist in this behaviour, the further down and more paralysed you become, until your emotions are without hope and life.

“Every little inconvenience you react to with resentment, anger, and bitterness carries with it seeds that take root in your heart. These choke off life in the spirit, and hamper your union with Me, until you cannot see Me or hear Me clearly anymore.

“Dear ones, to the degree you react in resentment to trials and contradictions, to that degree you distance yourself from Me. Whereas a docile, meek, soul receives these things with love, trusting in the judgments of My Father unequivocally, and receiving them from His Holy Hand as a precious gift. This is what I am praying for you, Heart-dwellers. That you receive these things with great love and gratitude, giving thanks continually for your state in life and all it entails. For your obstacles, for your short-comings, for your failures as well as for your victories.

“If you are feeling distant from Me, begin with gratitude. Make sure you have not developed an attitude of grumbling, because this will lead you down the path of darkness, further and further away from Me. Begin by looking at your attitude about your circumstances—what you have and what you do not have. Thank Me profusely for each and every thing I have given you to fulfil your mission in life. Thank Me for your children—even the ones with problems. Be ever so grateful they are still alive and there is still hope for them.

“Thank Me for the plans I have for you, which you know nothing of at this point in your life. Thank Me for suffering on that Cross for you and your family. Thank Me for allowing you to be born and to grow to maturity. Thank Me for the amazing days you live in, and the promise of the Rapture.

“Make it a point all through the day to recognize something wonderful in front of you, and soon your whole attitude towards life will go from discouragement and fatigue to hope and a fresh start. Truly, My mercies are new every morning! But if you keep your head tucked under the covers and never get out of bed, you won’t see the sunshine sparkling through the window, the flowers blooming, fresh ideas and opportunities arising.

“So, I beg of you, My children. Awake in the morning and thank Me for every convenience you have. Thank Me, also, if there is an inconvenience. Offer it to Me with Joy and resolution to never complain again, and you will have Me in abundance. The sweetness of My presence will be drawn to you by the fragrance of gratitude, and I will touch your heart and make you to know that I love and approve you and am with you today to do mighty things. And persevere against all opposition.”

Note from So Greatly Loved

Link to entire message on Vimeo:

Jesus gave this beautiful message to Clare du Bois, who had been going through a period of severe, practical trials and testing in her life at the very time when prayer warriors had been called to two weeks of intense intercession and fasting. Since you will be encouraged, and not a little comforted, by the way she poured out her heart to Jesus, and will realise the full significance of what Jesus teaches here, I include the link to the entire message.

How privileged we are in our day to have access to teaching like this from Jesus. I find all the videos on the Still Small Voice channel on Vimeo life-transforming. Those who are on Facebook may be interested to know that Heartdwellers Group is part of the Still Small Voice ministry and that much material is available there.

A selection of Scriptures on Gratitude

Free To Be Born?

The Seed Was Called Back

“As I was praying for New York. I saw a vision of Jesus hugging a doctor. Then I saw this chain of people running from, or out of, the dead baby. It almost looked like everything was being played in reverse. Jesus sent a seed, and that seed became a foetus. But that foetus never made it out of the womb alive. The baby was called back, the teen was called back the young adult was called back and the doctor was called back to the arms of Jesus. They were actually not running back, the time was being reversed.

“The face of Jesus was that of a very stern and disappointed look. That foetus could have been the answer to many prayers. That foetus could have the cure for cancer or other terminal illnesses that have plagued our lives for the longest. The doctor you see with Jesus is the doctor who had the cure for cancer, but was called back because we didn’t want him. Whatever that cure was, now has been stopped.

“My God, My God what have we done?! Will He send another? Will His mercy prevail one last time? Where are the midwives? Where are the intercessors? This nation must fall on its face and repent and ask for mercy.

“Blessings on those who have eyes that see and ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.”

Written by Jessica Owusu and used by permission.

[The picture below is by Ricardo Colon, prophetic artist]

My Abortion Goes Before The Court Of Heaven

This testimony of an appearance in the Court of Heaven about an abortion was shared on Facebook. The woman was asked if she would allow it to be shared publicly and she agreed if she could remain anonymous. This event happened on August 16, 2017:

“After I read the book by Praying Medic ‘Defeating Your Adversary in the Court of Heaven’ I decided to go to the Court of Heaven. It was my first time. I followed the instructions that were outlined in the book. As I asked for the Court to be convened, I could vaguely see God the Judge in front of me. To my right stood Jesus. To my left in front of me was the accuser. When I asked for the accusation to be heard, I saw several little beings by the accuser. I knew/sensed the accusation was about an abortion I had when I was 17 years old (I’m presently 52).

“To give a brief background, I have wholeheartedly repented for this sin. I broke covenants with death and murder. Broke curses, etc. Forgave every person involved. As far as I knew, I dealt with this in a spiritual sense 100%.

“I sat there and waited for the Holy Spirit to guide and help me. I thought to myself, I only aborted 1 baby, not all of those. My recollection was about 6 little beings there. And then I sensed/heard from the Lord, I don’t remember how He communicated to me, but He revealed to me that I had not just killed that baby, I killed the offspring: the other lives that would’ve come through my baby’s life.

“I wept so hard! I saw this! I saw them! It was so horrible to realize the gravity of aborting my baby. I cried in deep repentance and asked for forgiveness. I stated my only defense was the blood of Jesus!

“Then, the most amazing thing happened. I could feel the mercy of Jesus. Right there in the midst of discovering the gravity of my sin (not one life but many) I was forgiven. It was a profound moment of experiencing the mercy and forgiveness of God. I was declared not guilty and Court ended.

“I’ve never heard anyone teach on this in what I call “Freedom” ministry. It was a revelation to me. It is imperative for anyone that has had an abortion to not only repent for the life they ended, but also for the offspring that would have come through that life. Thank You, Jesus for Your revelation and amazing grace!”

Please Note:

It is not our intent to cause shame or humiliation to anyone who has had an abortion. Our only intent is to let you know that God is compassionate toward you and He would like you to be free of any accusations that the enemy has brought against you. 

[For more information on the Court of Heaven, check out ‘Defeating Your Adversary In The Court Of Heaven’ by Praying Medic]

Who Should Also Have Lived?God is strongly Pro Life and every soul deserves to live

Human Life Begins At Conception With a Flash of Light

Abortion advocates often claim as a defense of abortion that no one can really, truly define the moment life begins. Without knowing that, they say, there’s no real argument against abortion.

A new scientific breakthrough might go a long way towards changing hearts and minds: scientists have been able to capture the moment life begins, with a bright flash of light as a new life is conceived…

Human life begins in a bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film. An explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception. Scientists had seen the phenomenon occur in…animals but it is the first time is has been also shown to happen in humans.

Science confirms the Bible

Every soul is infinitely precious to God, and is a person from the moment of his or her conception. Science has only relatively recently proved that there is a flash of light in the womb at that precise moment. The New Testament was written nearly 2,000 years ago. Every soul that is conceived in the womb comes from our Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit inspired James to write:

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the FATHER OF LIGHTS, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17 KJV [capitals mine]

A Disturbing Statistic: Abortion was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2018, Killing 42 Million People, according to a Recent Report:

Abortion: The Harrowing Truth

Two Screenshots from a Video on Facebook:

This is shocking, but true.

Babies bigger than the one above are aborted every day – ripped apart, limb from limb, their tiny skulls crushed. Can THIS baby feel? Ask the nurse. Surely she will tell you that she has seen evidence that this baby has a nervous system and is able to feel pain. Are we supposed to believe that this same baby would be unable to feel pain if still in his or her mother’s womb, having arms and legs ripped off during an abortion?


Must-see Video: New Life Developing in the Womb

This beautiful 4 minute video makes it abundantly clear that this tiny human being is already showing signs of having his or her own unique personality.



Glynda Lomax Clarifies The Serious Nature Of The Abortion Issue


Does Rape Justify Abortion?

Read these powerful testimonies!

How Unbelievably Stupid Is This!

These Policies are Mengelian

Josef Mengele, Nazi SS physician, was notorious for his work at the camp at Auschwitz. He was an ardent believer in Nazi Racial Theory and Eugenics. He was interested in twins, identical or fraternal, and did experiments on Jewish and Roma children in the camps. He was especially interested in eye color and many children were maimed or killed in order for him to complete his experiments on them. Was he the only doctor at these death camps doing this kind of work? No, he was just the most infamous and was known as the “Angel of Death” at Auschwitz.

When we think of the Nazi SS and their death camps, we are outraged. We just had Holocaust Remembrance Day and we mourn the six million Jews who were murdered at the camps. But they were not the only ones that were scheduled for extermination. Fourteen million people were murdered by the SS: Jews, Romas, the old, infirm, disabled, mentally ill, and those physically or mentally handicapped were also scheduled for death in order to help establish a pure race.

Outrage and sadness, that is what these kinds of policies evoke in most people. That happened in WWII. It is over, we will never have to face that kind of inhumanity again, or will we?

The policy just signed into law in New York makes abortions legal up to the time of birth. Any child deemed unwanted, unnecessary, mentally or physically unfit will be killed at the moment of birth if that is what the mother wants. Is this law an aberration? No, it is the latest in a series of laws that some states are trying to adopt.

These policies are Mengelian, plain and simple. Americans are divided on their stance for abortion, but seventy-one percent of us are against late-term abortion. If we don’t want these laws to stand, just like those in Nazi Germany who stood against the SS and their inhumane practices, we must use our voice to stand up against these laws.

Written by Valerie A. Cullers and used by permission


New York Legalized Abortion Until Birth

Jesus gave this serious warning:

“My people, it was bad enough that your Governor and the New York legislature passed an abortion law to ensure abortions will not be stopped. Now to glorify this legislation’s passing, your Governor has put a pink light on top of your Freedom Tower. I have told you before how this tower will come tumbling down because you are defying Me in rebuilding the previous towers. Now with this latest act of glorifying abortion with this pink light, your whole state will suffer from My justice. I will spare My faithful, but those people who support abortion will pay dearly for their actions that mock Me.”

– John Leary, 1/24/19

All who advocate Abortion would do well to meditate on Psalm 139. Every soul is infinitely precious to God and is irrefutably a person from the moment of his or her conception:

1 O LORD, you have searched me and known me!

2  You know when I sit down and when I rise up;

you discern my thoughts from afar.

3  You search out my path and my lying down

and are acquainted with all my ways.

4  Even before a word is on my tongue,

behold, O LORD, you know it altogether.

5  You hem me in, behind and before,

and lay your hand upon me.

6  Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;

it is high; I cannot attain it.

7 Where shall I go from your Spirit?

Or where shall I flee from your presence?

8  If I ascend to heaven, you are there!

and if I make my bed in Sheol, you are there!

9  If I take the wings of the morning

and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,

10  even there your hand shall lead me,

and your right hand shall hold me.

11  If I say, “Surely the darkness shall cover me,

and the light about me be night,”

12  even the darkness is not dark to you;

the night is bright as the day,

for darkness is as light with you.

13  For you formed my inward parts;

you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

14  I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wonderful are your works;

my soul knows it very well.

15  My frame was not hidden from you,

when I was being made in secret,

intricately woven in the depths of the earth.

16  Your eyes saw my unformed substance;

in your book they were written, every one of them,

the days that were formed for me,

when as yet there was none of them.

Psalm 139:1-16, ESV


Note from So Greatly Loved

The first person to recognise Jesus was an unborn child. John the Baptist reacted in the womb of his mother, Elizabeth, when he heard the voice of Mary, who visited her when she was pregnant with Jesus. Luke records, “When Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb.” Luke 1:41, KJV

Further points to ponder

Glorious News!

Lord, I thank You for the Joy of helping You help others. Thank You for stripping away all the sin that covers a soul, when we truly look through Your eyes. And by looking through the lens of Your Mercy, always show us that precious Soul that You so desperately want to bring back Home again, no matter how many layers of darkness surround it. May we never look at any person through any other lens than Yours. Amen.

An Astounding Praise Report

It is with great joy, and in deep awe of the immeasurable Mercy of God, that I share this praise report. It is glorious news indeed for all who love our Lord Jesus Christ and whose hearts beat as one with His own tender, loving and merciful heart. Truly, the Mercy of God is unfathomable! How gracious our God is, and how He yearns over every single soul that He has created! It is written, “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to usward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9 KJV

The international group of prayer warriors to which I belong was recently called to a two-week period of travailing prayer and fasting. This was a highly critical time; in our group we had all been given by the Lord many sufferings to bear as we gave ourselves to intense intercession. For a few, their physical pain became excruciating as they prayed. Intercessory Suffering bears much fruit for the Kingdom of God, and the few whose suffering becomes almost impossible to bear are granted by the Lord to see what is going on in the spirit as a result of our intercession. Half-way into this period we were encouraged when we received this update from one of our leaders.

Through a phone call with Ezekiel du Bois, a sacrifice soul who is called to undergo from time to time extremely intense suffering in intercession, she learned that Ezekiel was seeing that we were praying over the souls of people who were being tortured and executed. He knew that there were not just one or two being executed now – but many. At Gitmo they were trying to get information out of people, using strong means to get them to talk. However, we were not only praying for those in Gitmo. Ezekiel began to understand that some of these people were not actually in Gitmo but on a Russian prison ship. Many of these were from a Russian Orthodox background but, through the course of their lives, they had become layered over with sins of self and pride and the world until they were barely recognisable. It was these souls, in particular, that we would be praying over. Ezekiel realised then that President Trump is not the only one trying to ‘drain a swamp’. President Putin is doing his own ‘draining’.

The Unfathomable Mercy of God

The Lord had appeared to the indicted people in the spirit and was telling them, “Come. I will forgive you, just come. Receive Me. They were realising what they had done, the wickedness of their lives, their deeds… who they had been serving in it all [Satan] and how evil it all was – how evil he, the Enemy, was.

Ezekiel revealed what the Lord was allowing him to see: “They were falling to their knees before the Lord in amazement that He was willing to still show them Mercy. In deep sorrow and repentance, they were crying out, ‘But Lord, how can You forgive me?But He was; Jesus was touching them all, receiving them, receiving their cries of repentance. These were relatively big, strong men – and they were sobbing, on their knees, just weeping at His feet. The Justice of God was there, hovering over them. It seemed to have a mass of its own, encircling them. I heard some of them saying, ‘Lord, I will accept any punishment from You for what I have done. Anything! I deserve it all! They were saying, one after the other, ‘But it’s my fault! I’m guilty! I deserve Hell for all of these things!!

“And the Lord simply picked up His hands, like He always does, and showed them the wounds. And that Circle of Justice backed right away from them. Daddy-God came in then, and they were all just regenerated, swept up in His arms. Holy. Pure. Changed back to what they were in the beginning of their lives, like pure, innocent babies.

“Never before have I seen His mercy in that clear a light, that great a way. His Mercy over them was in direct response to the Heart Dwellers: their prayers… their offerings… their sacrifices for the sake of His souls that were still lost and wandering, buried under sin and darkness.

“When the prisoners were repenting, at first it was if the gates of Heaven had been shrouded somehow. They couldn’t be seen through the 2nd Heaven atmosphere. But it was just the filth, the smog of all the sins of the Earth had risen and clouded my view.

“But once Jesus showed them His hands, and Justice was pushed back away, it seemed as though all of Heaven was watching. And all of Heaven came down, spearheaded by His Mercy, right at the point, just like a spear. Our prayers, offerings and sufferings were ascending up through our atmosphere into the 2nd heavens, while His Mercy was coming down. They collided head-on; it was almost like a nuclear blast. This was like a major breakthrough turning-point, because these people were receiving now the Grace of True Contrition, True Remorse. So much so that even the angels, and certainly the demons, backed way back and just stood there in awe of what was happening!

“When His Mercy and Grace met our little offerings—a huge gaping hole was opened, and this indescribably beautiful Light came pouring through. God’s Justice gave way to His Mercy – bigger and grander, and on a larger scale than I have ever seen in my life. That’s what our prayers are doing. That’s what God is doing with all these things we are offering. The Power of even the smallest offering is just phenomenal…

“There is now a major, huge hole in the darkness that was blocking the way between Heaven and Earth. It is allowing the Light of Jesus and His Mercy to come through. It needs our prayers, sufferings and offerings to keep that hole open and wide.

“Next, Ezekiel was shown that even for many of the guilty souls listed in these indictments, who were not yet in prison… they, too, were receiving this same breakthrough, and they were starting to understand and repent. The Grace of True Repentance was reaching them, too. Jesus was visiting them personally, because we have been asking Him to do just that!… to tear through the Darkness… to visit these soon-to-die ones and reveal Himself to them one last time. To them yet one more chance to see and find Him – and receive Him in Truth. To these souls, this Light is such a contrast to the Darkness that they had been living in… such a contrast to the lies and deception they had lived under—some of them for most of their lives.

“By now (it was around 11:00 or so) and this particular Battle was nearing its end. Ezekiel’s pain was growing far less. And he remembered that all the Scripture readings he had received throughout the night before had been about the Harvest and Fruitfulness. As we talked together, we realised something I’d never thought of before:

“Not only is the Lord draining the Swamp – He is turning the filth of the Swamp into Glorious Victory for the Kingdom of God. Yes, these people were dying – the ultimate punishment for their crimes that man metes out. But Jesus was, at the same time, snatching them out of the hands of the one they had been serving all that time – and bringing them Home, even at that last moment, to Glory. How great is our God!

“Ezekiel said that the only song he had been able get to ‘work’ on his computer was a song by Freddie Haler called ‘Songs of the Angels’ – a song about how the angels rejoice at the repentance of a single sinner. These people, wicked as their deeds had been, were a beautiful part of the Great Harvest the Lord speaks of. Now they would be with Him eternally.”

[The above report is from Carol Jennings, one of our leaders, who spoke on the phone to Ezekiel du Bois (our overall leader together with his wife, Clare). Carol subsequently shared this encouraging news with our prayer warrior team].

“Let us press on in intercession for the sake of the souls He is so dearly longing to bring Home, no matter who they are, or what they have done in their lives. Because always He would remind us: If not for His Grace we, too, could be on a prison ship awaiting execution.” – Carol Jennings

Sadly, to some Christians – those who don’t recognise in themselves a pharisaical spirit – these last-minute conversions may not be ‘Glorious News’ at all. Maybe you are feeling like my fellow prayer warriors and I were feeling last year, that they must be brought to Justice as soon as the Military Tribunals could begin. However, that was before Jesus shared His heart more fully with us, telling us how He feels about so many tens of thousands of indicted persons falling into Hell.

Maybe some of you have been crying out for Justice to be meted out – Extreme Justice for the Satanic Deep State traitors… Extreme Justice for those who have stolen billions of dollars from their nation… Extreme Justice for those who have caused untold numbers of deaths of the innocent and defenceless… Extreme Justice for those who have been running large sex-trafficking rings, causing untold suffering and premature death to huge numbers of very young children… Extreme Justice for those who have relished brutally torturing their victims before offering them as human sacrifices – even babies – to their god Satan who had promised them such rich rewards for serving him.

The Mercy of God is beyond the understanding of us all. Let us never forget the words of Jesus to the Pharisees when they gleefully brought to Him the woman who had been caught in adultery. They all slunk away one by one, hanging their heads in shame, when Jesus said to them, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” John 8:7-9

Note from So Greatly Loved

John Wesley (1703-1791) was an English cleric, theologian and evangelist who was the leader and founder of a revival movement within the Church of England, known as Methodism. His brother Charles (1707-1788) wrote 6,500 hymns, which would be writing at least two hymns a week, every week for 50 years, from his conversion in 1738 to his death in 1788. My favourite of Charles Wesley’s hymns, And Can It Be that I Should Gain, was written in 1738, on his conversion:

And can it be, that I should gain

An interest in the Saviour’s blood?

Died He for me, who caused His pain

For me, who Him to death pursued?

Amazing love! how can it be

That Thou, my God, shoulds’t die for me?


‘Tis mystery all! The Immortal dies:

Who can explore His strange design?

In vain the first-born seraph tries

To sound the depths of love divine.

‘Tis mercy all! let earth adore,

Let angel minds inquire no more.


He left His Father’s throne above,

So free, so infinite His grace,

Emptied Himself of all but love,

And bled for Adam’s helpless race:

‘Tis mercy all, immense and free;

For, O my God, it found out me!


Long my imprisoned spirit lay

Fast bound in sin and nature’s night;

Thine eye diffused a quickening ray,

I woke, the dungeon flamed with light;

My chains fell off, my heart was free,

I rose, went forth and followed Thee.


No condemnation now I dread;

Jesus, and all in Him, is mine!

Alive in Him, my living Head,

And clothed in righteousness divine,

Bold I approach the eternal throne,

And claim the crown, through Christ my own.

My prayer is that not one of us will fail to be saved, and that we will avail ourselves of the Mercy of God. Truly, His Mercy is unfathomable and freely given to all who call upon Him.

What If There’s No Tomorrow?!!!

New information has come to light that indicates the ‘final solution’ of the globalist agenda to destroy America and enslave its citizens is drawing near. A significant prophetic dream given recently confirms this imminent danger:

“As a nightly dreamer since the days of my youth, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a nightmare. That all changed last night as I woke up in my bed unable to breathe, my heart racing out of control, and my entire body numb and shaking. It was a terrifying experience to say the least.

“In the dream, I was on a ship with Donald Trump in a swamp that was totally infested with alligators. Many of them were larger than life. However, these were not merely just alligators, they revealed themselves to me as ‘mercenary alligators.’ In other words, they were trained to sink our ship and had no other agenda but doing so. Risking their life was not a problem for them. They had been commissioned to sink the ship and kill us.

“As our ship sailed deeper into the swamp, Donald Trump was laughing with his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat on as he steered. He continued to laugh as he would purposely plow into as many alligators as he could. “I’m going to drain the swamp!” he would yell to me on the ship.

“Suddenly, I began to realize that the more Donald tried to drain the swamp, the more the swamp was going to drain him. Larger and larger alligators began to swim up and take large chunks out of our ship. We began to take on water and I knew then that our death was imminent. Donald seemed to be totally oblivious to the great danger we were in.

“I pleaded with him to stop intentionally and purposely draining the swamp but it was too late. We were swallowed up into this totally demonic mercenary alligator abyss. It was a gigantic black hole. I could literally hear hoards of demons laughing and cheering. What I felt and experienced as Donald and I died together is something I will never forget.

“I immediately woke up in my bed suffocating, numb, and my heart racing out of my chest. As I began to pray to get free, this is what the Lord spoke to me and said,

“Jeremiah, My people do not recognize the demonic warfare from Hell that is being unleashed upon the United States and Donald Trump. Even as a wall is being built, why are My people refusing to build a wall of intercession and prayer around their President and around their nation? Yes, the borders are unsecured but they are far more unsecured in the Spirit realm than you could ever imagine. How is it that a man would see the necessity of building a wall to protect a country but My people cannot even recognize their desperate need to build a wall of intercession and prayer around their own lives and churches? How the American Church continues to sleep and slumber in these days of history has come before My throne and it has greatly grieved My heart!

“I warn you, Jeremiah, that as Donald tries to drain the Swamp, the Swamp is going to drain him. His heart will become hardened, his resolve will become dangerous, and the attacks upon his life and presidency will only get bigger and bigger. This will be a result in large part due to a prayerless Church in America that has refused to pray for their President and that has ignored the demonic agendas in Washington. If My people do not begin to gather and call upon My name, great danger will come upon the shores of the United States of America, says God.”

– Jeremiah Johnson: Prophetic Dream Received 1/18/19

Think about this and put yourself there

Clare du Bois: “What if you and I are at the end of our ‘tomorrows’? What if you wake up to World War III? What if there is no more food at the store, no more medicines you depend on daily to live and function? What if there is no more gasoline at the pump because it’s been shut down? What if you have a dire medical need and there is no hospital to go to?

“I am asking you to put yourself in these scenarios. Why? Because our days are taken up with these things. Our time is lavished on these things. Our thoughts, like a merry-go-round, are constantly riding on all these duties, hopes, and dreams.

“You wake up in the morning to uncanny silence. The alarm didn’t go off. There’s no light. You go to pick up your phone and it is dead. Your computer battery just ran out and there is no electricity. You go to use the restroom and there is no water. Your refrigerator is warm and things in your freezer are melting. Things are strangely quiet outside. No laughter from children, no traffic—even the birds are quiet.

“You go to call your daughter and the phone is useless. You go to send her an e-mail and your server is down. And then you hear it: ‘Martial Law has been declared. We are at war!’ One of our cities has been destroyed. Commerce has stopped, trucks have stopped, people are unable to go anywhere because gasoline is only for the Military.

“I am telling you this because the President has been taken out of office and now wicked people are in control, calling the shots. People who want you dead have taken over and done all they could to see to it that America is completely destroyed—with as many as possible dead.

“Now, this has NOT happened. Yet. But I am telling you this, because this is what would happen if the President is taken out of office.

“ALL of this would happen… overnight.

“You haven’t gone shopping for the week, so you are low on food… but the stores have been overrun, trashed, and are closed and locked up. You go to your kitchen and try to calculate how long you can live on what you’ve got. And if you aren’t armed, what you do have will soon belong to thugs who go from door to door to get what you so diligently saved.

“You grab your Bug Out bag but, woefully, you don’t have the gas to get away to the mountains… the roads are all closed and barricaded. The Army has closed off your access to exit town.

“What was your life, all your possessions, are going to be looted and sacked by desperately hungry people and criminals. Computers are useless without electricity, without a server. All of a sudden, your priorities are to STAY ALIVE and get away from your home. And it’s winter, and brutal outside. But all you can think of is how to find something to eat and a place to hide from the chaos.”

Give Praying for the President the Lion’s Share of your Time and Attention

Clare continued, “Do you think I am being far-fetched by sharing this with you?I am telling you if you do not change your priorities to praying for the President, and give that the lion’s share of your time and attention, you are looking at your ‘tomorrow.’

“Yes, we are praying and God answers prayer. But not all are praying. Not all have turned their gaze from the dreams in their lives, to dedicate time to prayer and fasting. Some of the most capable among us are very busy with our ministries and jobs, and not taking these dangers seriously enough to make their life stop going ‘round and round’ and get on their knees.

“So, I finished writing my song? Nowhere to play it! No venue, the Internet is shut down. It would have been much wiser for me to give the lion’s share to prayer for Trump until we were out of danger. Now I finished my song, but for what?

“You were given a raise… but there’s no food in the stores, and the banks are shut. It is falling apart… Your hard work at your company is useless because it’s been shut down.

You Have No Tomorrow If The President Goes Down!

“Don’t you see??? Don’t you see??? You have no tomorrow if this man goes down! Your dreams that were dependent on the fabric of society are all for nothing. Your ministries, schooling, projects to help others, all come to nothing because all your energies are now spent on securing the next meal, where it will come from… How will I defend my loved ones from looters?

“At Pearl Harbor they were having a leisurely day, family fun, looking forward to the harvest. Building their homes, decorating, taking scenic trips and hanging out with family and friends. And suddenly it came to them: the unthinkable happened. Japan attacked and destroyed substantial military assets, killed hundreds, and changed the fate of thousands of lives in a mere hour.

“We’ve been warned, over and over again. We know much has to come to pass in Revelation, but we’ve also been given another window of time before the Rapture — on the condition that we would build a secure hedge of prayer around our President.

“Are we fasting? Are we praying? Not just a few prayers, and then off to the keyboard or school or whatever, but gut-wrenching intercession, fasting, and putting our all into it. We have to ask, “Lord, please give us a spirit of travail for our nation. Lord, give us the grace and willingness to fast. Lord make it real to us! If we lose this President, we lose it all!”

** “Now, I have not substantiated this, but there are rumors that the enemy is going to overthrow the government and impeach the President. To put Trump in handcuffs on CNN live, in front of the nation, charging him with lies and falsehoods. Could that be all the alligators starting to take bites out of the boat? Could that be? I don’t know.

** See Note from So Greatly Loved [1]

“I’m telling you all, only travailing prayer is going to build that wall around him. He’s concerned for the wall in Mexico, but he is the one in the greatest danger. He is the one who needs the wall. And where are the Christians who are supposedly building that wall with their fasts, tears and supplications??? Well, some are at church, others at the movies. Some are at work, others in school. And some just too tired after a full day’s work to do anything but lie on the couch and watch News.”

“This cancer that we’re dealing with in the world is so much bigger and more established than anyone ever imagined. Certainly, our President under-estimated the depth, breadth, and stranglehold of this cursed disease that has entrenched itself on the Earth. Because in this dream, he was in his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and laughing as he forged deeper into the swamp. A new Christian easily falls to over-confidence and presumption. His wins have been because of the prayer behind him. I don’t think he fully understands how impotent he is in the face of this world’s consuming cancer.

President Trump’s Success Depends on Your Prayers

“Yes, he is a genius. But what gives power to his bite… is prayer. So far so good—he’s still alive. The almost daily assassination attempts have failed. But as he goes deeper into the swamp, the creatures get much bigger than he imagined, and his boat gets more flimsy with every approaching beast.

His success depends on YOUR prayers, and this is a new level of warfare, Heartdwellers. We are in deeper than ever before and the fight is fierce. If we don’t increase our sacrifices and prayers, we will wake up one morning with nothing: our precious plans for the future totally crushed!

“Lord, I have run out of words… Have I been too harsh?”

Jesus began to speak, “You have nailed it. Right on target. The plans being made now to take him down are more vicious than anything he has encountered in his administration.

“Do not tell me about this prophet and that prophet that talked about his second term. Those prophecies were given on the basis of a praying America. An America that falls to its knees and cries out to Me for justice. When complacency sets in and people drop out of serious prayer, because they think it’s all covered—that is the death knell for America.”

Clare: “Forgive me, Lord, but I thought there were huge prayer meetings and movements all over the nation to protect him?”

Jesus: “What is needed is the prayer of the Ninevites. And you are nowhere near that.”

Clare: “But I thought we had another two years [until the Rapture] from the Father? Two years of crushing defeat and survival of the fittest? Or two years of glorious moving forward?”

Jesus: “Clare, you have shaken some people up by this message. But I tell you the truth. Unless it is fully embraced and put into motion, there is little hope for Donald. He is without sufficient protection for this next move of the enemy. He is wide open, and only a huge movement of travailing prayer will save your nation.

“Have you ever wondered why I tell some prophets about the glorious plans I have for this nation. And others like yourself are called upon to get into the trenches and fight?”

Clare: “Yes, Jesus. All the time I wonder. But then I remember what You told me that each group has a different calling, and You are depending on the diligent prayers of the faithful to fulfil the good prophecies.”

Jesus: “I am projecting what is possible if diligence is maintained. But when people are drawn out of the trenches into civilian affairs and leave their post wide open to the enemy, My words cannot be fulfilled. If Nineveh had not repented it would have been destroyed, as it was later.

“What is needed here is major repentance and a turning to Me, with pet projects and dreams in second place to serious intercession. The kind that wipes you out. I am not calling for this indefinitely, but I am calling for it NOW. If all of you take this to heart and act in obedience, there will be a time when the tables are turned. But right now, you are in the midst of grave danger.

“Your piano, your songs, your messages are all a waste of time unless you’ve gotten into substantial travailing prayer, first. That is how serious this is. Don’t waste your time doing anything for Me if you have not beaten down the gates of Heaven with tears, fasting, and supplication for your nation.”

Clare: “Lord, some of us cannot fast.”

Jesus: “I know that, and I have spoken into the conscience of all to do what is best suited for them. As a general rule, sweet and pleasant foods should be avoided and offered up. But it is better if you don’t make it obvious to others. Stay humble and hide it, unless you are all together on the self-denials.

“The hour you spend on video games, which are not healthy for you, you should give up and mow an elderly person’s yard for them. Give up gourmet food for plain food. For instance, pizza—for a simple meal of meat and potatoes, or cereal. Quinoa, is a very good fast for you, Clare.

“Abstain from meat on Fridays and Wednesdays. Wednesday corresponds to the key events in My life that paved the way for My arrest Thursday night. But Friday is sufficient.

“Tell Me, My people, what are you willing to give up to save your nation?Remember, this is critical in timing. I will not ask this of you every day, unless you wanted to offer it to Me. And there is nothing you can give Me that I will not return to your hearts, a thousand-fold, My great love for you in a sensible way.

“Clare, can you go without cinnamon in your coffee in the morning? Little things? Yes, very little things count for much. Do not fast so severely that you are too weak to pray. Do not fast if you are sick or pregnant or have undergone surgery. But you can deny yourselves treat foods. Do not deny your body water. Meat is a good offering, but not if it makes you so weak you cannot pray.

“Offer Me every little irritation, delay, opposition, accident, trial, inconvenience. Offer these things in a spirit of meekness and thanksgiving that you have something to offer.

“Do not announce that you are fasting. Do not attempt outrageous fasts, which come from Pride. To take great pleasure in fasting when others don’t; to see yourself as a spiritual person because you are fasting and they are not, is very detrimental to your soul. You are opening the door to pride and the invasion of the enemy, which will cost you much—as well as making your sacrifice of no account.

“Go out of your way for others. Deny yourself and do for others. I am asking this of you right now, during this time. This will not last long. But it is going to be a very hard two weeks. You will not always have access to, or know, what is going on. That is another suffering. Just know that no gift of yours falls to the ground without first bearing much fruit.

“Please embrace this prayer, fasting and self-denial as if you were trying to prevent My crucifixion. Because I tell you truly, the pain I will suffer if we lose this battle will be like My crucifixion all over again.

“Will you stand—for for Me? Will you deny yourself—for Me? Remember: this will not go on forever. But the next two weeks are critical.

“I would also ask you to pray the **Divine Mercy Chaplet and the **Rosary, if possible. I never force anything on anyone. But My mother’s tender heart is standing with all of us in this assault against your government.

“If you are not willing, please pray, ‘Lord I am willing to be made willing.’ And I will make your sacrifices sweeter than you could have ever imagined.

“Plead the Blood over his staff and protection, that no traitor would be given access to him. Pray for supernatural sensitivity for all of them. Pray ** Psalm 91 over them.

“And trust that no word of Mine will return void, but it will accomplish what I have sent it for. If enough of you do these things, embracing them with your whole heart, We will have a victory.”

** See Note from So Greatly Loved [2]


Note from So Greatly Loved

[1] The globalists’ plot to impeach the President

“The entire corporate-run media is a fact-free mental poisoning operation that fabricates fake news on a daily basis… For the last two years, their goal has been to carry out a political coup against President Trump, no matter what the cost. The media has sacrificed every last shred of credibility to achieve this goal and now exists as nothing more than a delusions factory that produces daily fiction rigorously mislabelled “news.”

Roger Stone describes the full plan in this important story from InfoWars: “Political strategist Roger Stone says that the deep state is planning to remove both President Trump and VP Mike Pence from office so that they can install Nancy Pelosi as President as part of a coup that will eventually see Hillary Clinton return as President. “The deep state seeks to fabricate some misdeed by the Trump campaign that is sold as Russian collusion,” said Stone. “That way they can remove both Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, paving the way for Nancy Pelosi to become president. Pelosi will then appoint Hillary Clinton to the vacant Vice Presidency after which Pelosi would resign as president allowing Hillary to take the White House which eluded her grasp in 2016.

“A plan will be initiated to arrest and handcuff President Trump, staged for CNN cameras. The media hacks have been ordered by globalist controllers to demand the impeachment of President Trump. With the help of anti-Trump insiders, they are planning to stage a physical coup to arrest and handcuff the President, then “perp walk” him in front of CNN’s cameras in a staged, theatrical ploy to make the president look guilty even when it’s the treasonous traitors who are the guilty ones.”

[2] The Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary

** I am not Catholic and, like many non-Catholics, I find these Scriptural prayers very powerful indeed and pray them every day as often as I can.

Psalm 91 is a powerful shield of protection which I have prayed for years over my family, and now include President Trump and others.

My post “Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection” includes awesome Testimonies of escape from certain death during the two World Wars and Category 5 Hurricane Andrew, through praying Psalm 91.