Jesus Warns: A Judgmental Attitude Puts Us in Great Danger

Jesus, please open our eyes and hearts to the consequences of our opinions and how we injure others with our mouths. Amen.

A horrific vision was recently given of Jesus in agony on the Cross and a Roto-rooter blade was coming up through the core of the Lord’s Body and ripping the flesh from inside of Him. The Lord was vomiting flesh and blood.

Jesus said, “If I were to come now, many would not be taken in the Rapture because they are against Me – they are persecuting the members of My Body, assassinating, ripping it limb from limb, disembowelling and piercing My heart over and over again with their judgments.” Jesus explained further, “This is what I am going through with My Body. It is sick, sick, sick with the cancer of Calumny, Jealousy, Fear stemming from Ignorance, Backbiting, striking with wicked claw, Division, Avarice, Stealing from the poor, and Greed. My Body is very, very sick, even unto death.”

Jesus continued, “My Brides, if you are spreading negativity and judging My servants… In fact, if you are judging ANYONE – you are in sin. Your hands are stained with blood, your wedding gown is also smeared with blood. You will not, will not, WILL NOT be taken in the Rapture if you do not reform your ways! Stop gossiping, stop judging, hurting, destroying ministries you don’t understand that are bearing the copious fruit of salvation and sanctification. It is time for you to change. I need a spotless Bride, one whose heart is struck to the core with sorrow for these people. One who knows the grievous sins they have been guilty of in their own lives, and refuses to judge others for their sins. You can judge the sin, but only I know the motives involved. I want your hearts to be pure and gentle, meek and loving, always praying for the best in even the most hopeless-looking cases.”

“Every time you draw attention to the faults of others, I must draw attention to yours. You are called to cover the faults of others. Just continue to pray for and bless those who injure you. That is the safest posture. It is much better for you to go sifting through your own conscience every day with a repentant heart. This will bring forth good fruit. You are all called to be saints. That means you do not think as men on Earth; you think with a heavenly mind. You love unconditionally; you pray for those who hurt you. Remember: ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.’ You are the ones who demonstrate the thoughts and ways of acting in Heaven, because it is your homeland and I live inside of you.”

Jesus continued, “My People, if you are serious about serving Me, you cannot enter into wilful disobedience. My angels watch over you, but if you take it upon yourself to pass judgment on another soul, it creates a hole in your protection… You, in My Body, who pass judgment on others: you are shooting yourself in the foot and losing massive amounts of Grace. What you dream and hope for will be opposed until you learn to honour and esteem others more than yourself. The littler and poorer the soul, the greater offence it is to Me when you make ANY kind of judgment against them.

“If you know and practise this way of thinking, even in the hidden chambers of your hearts, you will grow in grace and anointing in My Kingdom. You will also be honoured by the angels, who will come swiftly to your aid. They are gravely offended by the poison of presumption. But be especially on guard when someone offends you. This is a time when you are most vulnerable to lashing back with judgment. And many times, this attitude deprives you of the operation of the graces I have granted you previously. So, you pray and wait for My anointing – then after you get it, you squander it by judging others.

“I tell you these things, My dearly loved ones, so that you can advance in holiness and the anointing to break the yokes of evil that have been put on My children. I count on you to follow this teaching, because it is vital to your growth and the salvation of other souls who could have been touched by you. I have shared these things with you, because I love you all so deeply. And I want us to function in the fullness of our potential, that you may be filled with My joy and that it spill out onto others. Walk in this way faithfully, and you will become holy, even as I am holy. I truly love you so very, very much.

“My dear ones, no matter what your flaw is I protect you many, many times so you will not fall into it. However, if I see you looking down your nose at anyone, I withdraw My protection and leave you on your own so you will learn how weak you are and never criticise another.  Yes, humility is a huge protection.”

Note from So Greatly Loved

This is an excerpt from a prophetic word given by Jesus to Clare du Bois and posted on the Still Small Voice Channel. I have shared this with her permission. For further information visit the website